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Cheers to Grande Sportsbook!!

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  • Cheers to Grande Sportsbook!!

    As evidenced by my number of posts, I am more a reader than a contributor to the forum. I am not posting simply to tout, to get referral bonuses, etc...I just want to give credit where credit is due.

    Thank you to Austin at Grande for his outstanding customer service this past weekend. I had a payout discrepancy at Book A. While I understood the rules of the book, I felt they were just a tad ambiguous and could have been explained in a more complete way. Book A refused to help me. I called Grande and spoke to Austin. My account with them had been inactive for a couple of months with a balance of $0. ( I am a small bettor and I signed up with Grande when they started taking postups. ) I spoke to Austin about my problem and he was more than willing to help me out. I don't want to say exactly what he did because he did bend the rules a bit for me and I don't want to be responsible for a deluge of similiar requests he might receive. Needless to say, he solved my problem. The matter in question here was only for $700.

    I know that Grande is known for handling many whales but they sure know how to treat the little guys as well. I signed up with them for their solid financial background but will now stay with them for their excellent customer service.

    online bettor since 1997

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    I heard it's wise to stay away from sportsbooks who have a large credit business.

    I'll stick with wsex and bodog for now!


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      If you're a large player, probably a good place to be, but they are so new to post-up that they might not have the most responsive customer service in the world. I'd give them some time.