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  • Firepay Question

    Quick question for someone who is still used to the paypal way of doing things.

    Does Firepay immedately credit your sportsbook for funds or is it one of those deals where you have to deposit money to Firepay then transfer money to the book (usually takes 3-4 days)? The reason I ask is that I am usually pretty impulsive with my betting and do not have the patience to deposit money for a game I want to bet a week in advance (would rather call the local bookie). Any help is appreciated.

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      I tend to agree with Stev Turner. Neteller is the way to go. Don't see much of a need firepay.


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        But with Netteller I have to wait, correct?

        I know with paypal that if I wanted to bet the Celtics game tonight for instance, I could deposit funds to WSEX immediately and the money would not physically leave my bank account until like 3 days later.

        I can still do the same thing now using Paradise Poker.

        Is anything like that available with a sportsbook?


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          STEVE TURNER

          If you have funds in Neteller and transfer them it is immeditely.


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            i use firepay and it is instant if you already have the account set up and i have it linked to my checking account and it is instant also,

            no fees either


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              willdog, Thanks for the information. Firepay seems to have exactly what I want.

              Steve Turner - I have used Neteller in the past but there is nothing more frustrating to me than wanting to bet a game but not having an adequate amount in your Neteller account.

              One final question, I have been using WSEX for about 4 years now. Only book I have ever used. No problems. But I took all my money from them last month and went to Rock Vegas.

              With all the other books out there with bonuses and such, can you recommend a better one for a small better like myself (a big bet for me is $110).

              Thanks for all your help.


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                please do not use this forum to gain referral bonuses.

                thank you



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                  Neteller works the same way as firepay and is more widely accepted by all of the books. Bettorsworld reccomends Neteller over Firepay.....

                  Any of the books listed above would be fine for a smaller player, unless you're looking for something specific, such as props or in game wagering, etc.etc.


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                    Who was trying to gain a referral bonus?


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                      Tom T.

                      I believe following books are good for small bettors (where I play as of today)


                      they all have low limits for a minimal bet


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                        I'm still confused about who was asking for a referral bonus?


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                          Blowfish, If you would leave the young women alone you wouldn't be confused all the time.

                          I have heard thru the Grapevine that they are forming a Federal Task Force to check the ages of the girls you have in your harem. If you aren't careful you will be having lunch everyday with Jay Cohen.
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                            FirePay losses...

                            I am now pretty worried about FirePay...

                            Will they not go under very soon ???

                            read an article about SureFire:


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                              Rumors about Firepay have been going around for over a year now about them being unstable. If you search this forum you will probably find some stories as well.

                              You'd probably be better off using a different method of payment if possible. Surefire Commerce/Firepay, etc. have had problems with enormous fraud in the past.