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My Figure Offer Came Through....thanks Allworld!!!!!

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  • My Figure Offer Came Through....thanks Allworld!!!!!

    Last Friday, I posted an offer to solid sportsbooks for a bailout from the NAB bankruptcy. I was unfortunate enough to lose $60,000 as a result of NAB's failure. Today I am pleased to annouce that Allworld Sportsbook stepped up and gave me a great offer. I feel confident that every penny is safe and will be a customer with Allworld forever. Thanks to the entire staff at Allworld, and I hope all readers consider this book that has the integrity to match players funds in a trust account a MUST for one of your outs. Per our agreement, I cannot disclose the details of this deal. Rest assure, that Allworld put together a reasonable package.

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    Who is Allworld? Is something wrong here? What-cha think Dragon?


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      Allworld/Ft. Knox are on Don Best and are supposed to be a pretty good shop. It's nice to see then step forward with an offer like this. Let's hope it's not just in greed. Someone with that kind of bank must be a fairly sharp player!


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        Blowfish, I was thinking maybe someone was shilling for Allworld? Think about it.


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          I am not a schill for Allworld, they came through for me as I posted.