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ILLINOIS plus 13.5 vs Missouri

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  • ILLINOIS plus 13.5 vs Missouri

    Illinois opens a 13.5 dog on the road vs Missouri September 4

    The real money is going to want 15 and this line is going to rise. This line is based on past history.

    More to follow

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    Wow, sure seems high to me. I don't follow these teams at all though. My first impression is that the line is inflated. Carpet, I'm sure you know more about this than me though!!


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      I think the line is related to past history and all the questions surrounding the Illini.

      My first numbers came in at about 9 points if the stars were to align.

      I am looking at Missouri as a team and one thing that stands out to me is they lost to Baylor, Navy and OK ST by a combined score of 176-81. Missouri cannot stop the run, Navy ran holes over them with the ground game. If I was Illinois I would be watching tapes of those games.

      Illinois has a solid ground game with Leshoure as quality back running the ball.

      I am at ground floor looking at this game more to follow


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        The Illini are currently at CAMP RANTOUL a place the coaches love and the players hate. 2 weeks of Hell as the team hunkers down into a strategic base of training.

        Day 5 at camp rantoul was HOT and every effort was made to protect the players from the heat.

        QB Sheelhasse is wearing a red do not touch jersey in practice and Coach Zook will not allow this kid to take contact in practice so far. Yes it does make sense to protect your only QB in practice but it doesnt make sense that the first hit this QB may feel is against Missouri and I am talking about a red shirt freshmen been 2 years.
        (this really concerns me)

        This is a team that is in Work in Progress from what I have seen so far in camp. There is a spark in the air with all the new coaches at every position and Coach Zook look like the weight of the world is off his shoulders. I like the spark these coaches bring to Illinois and trust me they know exactly what they are doing.

        The Running game of Illinois is SOLID 3 true backs carrying the ball combined with a fleet footed QB Illinois will be a top 10 team in the nation in rushing.

        More to follow my friends on this game, I will be doing a write up on Missouri vs Illinois Game Day soon.

        Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.



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          Carpet, I have really spent way more time on the sec this year because I want to help everyone and I feel pressure to do so. That being said, I think I not only know the players but I know what time they went to bed last night. Information overload. So I have spent the last week exploring the Big ten...... It's amazing what one can learn by just doing the same thing that I do in the sec... No worries, I don't proclaim to be a big ten expert at all, but I do know more than I knew last week. First thought, I really didn't know the Buckeyes qb put the stats up last year like he did. I was very impressed.... I will not make predictions on your conference my friend but I know a whole lot more about them than I did last week!!! I am very up to speed on the sec though and this should be a really great year... So you keep me up to speed about the Big Ten and I will do the same for you on the sec... Good luck my friend!!


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            The top teams of the big 10 is loaded red raider and OSU being the power having a Heisman QB candidate.

            Come bowl games the Big 10 will roll



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              Just curious.... Who is your top 5 big Ten teams? After only a weeks worth of knowledge here is mine:

              1) Ohio st.
              2) Iowa
              3) Wisconsin
              4) NW
              5) Penn st.

              Like I said, I have only researched the big ten for one week and I agree the top three are loaded... My main focus of course is the sec, but I will try to expand this year... The only thing is I think unless you have been to a particular venue, especially in a big time game situation, it is hard to say. I have been to every venue in the sec except Columbia SC. I plan to do that this year... Man isn't this fun!!!


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                You ask a good question red raider, let me lay them out to you

                1. The Ohio State, no real weakness with this team, National Title contender for sure this year with Pryor at QB

                2. Iowa, Orange Bowl champs bringing them all back, Iowa very good at serving Home Court advantage.

                3. Wisky, Great Offensive line

                4. Penn State, A Stud running back and Histrically a good defensive team. Losing the Line Backers corps to the NFL is nothing new to this team. New QB in place.

                5. A TIE

                Michigan State and NW

                6. Purdue, No Secondary all new

                7. Illinois, Solid run game, new QB and 6 new coached look to improve on a 3-9 record

                8 Minny, Again many changes in the front office, Brewster at QB is a play maker he must stay healthy

                9. Michigan, With all the pure studs Michigan has on this team it is unreal I have them at a 9 this year. The coach likes west coast offense and he barely has the players to play this type of game. Michigan is smash run football and this experirement with rodriguez will end this year

                10. Indiana, Just cant attract the recruits, will win a couple games this year and I think they will be all at home.


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                  The Illini held the 1st live contact scrimmage game in practice and gave me finally a floor view of what to expect.

                  The Offense dominated a bad Illinois Defense. Going deep time and time again for passing scores. Including a 66 yard rush from scrimmage the defense gave up. Even the second team O dominated the first line D in this game.

                  Illinois Defensive coach Koenning looked like he was struck in the head with a football. Coach Koenning said " It's always good to have a good offense-I'm very disappointed because I am not used to giving up big plays.

                  [B]A Message to the Coach from Carpet: Coach you have a lot more work to do, more than you ever realized. You cannot fix bad habits that has formed over the last 3 years in 3 weeks. From what I have seen so far your defense will really struggle vs mobile Quarterbacks./B]

                  Just how in the world will this defense stop Missouri?

                  The special teams still suck and look a step slow in the open field, really lacking tackling skills and coverage.

                  The lone bright shining star was the Illini Offense. I have to tell you this is a talented bunch. The young QB and his backups can really stretch the field in a hurry. The receivers are fast and have great hands. The running game for Illinois is Solid gold and they should be a top 10 team this year in running the rock.

                  The Offensive Coach for Illini new to the helm is Petrinos from Arkansas. The razorbacks last year ranked 8th in the nation in scoring at 37pts a game. During his 4 years at Louisville they averaged 41 pts a game. I can see immediate improvement with the offense with this coach.

                  It's to early for me to land on a point spread vs Missouri. I am looking at this at field level just the way Carpet likes it.

                  More to follow


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                    I just dont see how in the world Illinois is going to contain Missouri with this cheese cloth defense. Missouri has a stud QB and Illinois has a red shirt freshmen that will be a stud some day trust me on that.

                    The defensive back field of Missouri is weak as weak as its ever been, this will give this new kid at Illinois a chance to run and throw. Illinois has a solid run Game and they know it. Forget about MIzzou stacking the line 8 deep to snuff the run because this fits into Illinois mobile QB advantage as this WB can pick 8 deep on the line apart.

                    The special teams and speed favors missouri by a long shot my over and under is How many tackles the kicker makes on a run back in a game O/U 2.

                    I see this game 38 to 17 Missouri speed to much to early. A good first test but just to early on the calendar for this team. Illinois will get better there is no doubt they will beat some teams this year and maybe just maybe go 6-6 this year and head to beautiful Detriot for a Bowl Game.

                    More to follow


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                      I know 13.5 is a lot of lumber to lay on the Illini especially when you look at history

                      ILL is 3-12 ATS in dome games

                      1-7 ATS last 8 Non Conference games

                      0-5 ATS last 5 vs Big 12 teams

                      Now I know History is no way predictor of what may happen in this game but it cant be ignored.

                      The addition of a whole new coaching staff on both sides of the ball 6
                      in total can be looked at a great thing or a bad thing. I tend to look at it as a LEARNING CURVE with only 8 weeks to get it right.

                      The special teams for Illinois is a major area of concern, it is so bad that the Illini are thinking about placing the 4 or 5 best starting players at KEY positions onto the suicide squad. This is a really bad idea because the Illini are paper thin and cannot with stand a injury at any position it seems.


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                        Carpet, you are my friend and like I said, at first thought the line was inflated.... Like I said, Trying to expand this year and if my research serves me right, the Illini are zero for 4 the last 4 against the Tigers..... Now, I'm not so much a trend guy but this is not a game I'm going to deal with..... especially since I realized how much the Tigers have comming back. Good luck my friend!! Don't think I will have any dogs in this hunt!!


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                          Illinois suffers a HUGE HIT to the secondary as Cornerback Terry Hawthorne is out 6 weeks with a foot injury.

                          This is the second loss for Illinois in the secondary in a week.

                          Coach Zook says when it rains it pours.

                          This is a incredible blow to the defense secondary and leaves Illinois completly void of any good starters for this position.

                          Missouri is gonna shred this defense in passing the ball.

                          There just is no way I can see Illinois covering this spot with Missouri

                          Watch the Line to Jump.


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                            Carpet, isn't it funny how when things go bad, they really go bad.. I don't know what kind of defense Bama will have because seems every week another issue pops up... Good luck to your Illini and football is fickle to say the least.. I remember saying last year what are we going to do, we lost our qb and most of the offense. We only had four starters returning.. We won the national championship.. Now its the defense that has took the hit.. Only wish for another championship, probably won't happen... Hey I can't wait for it to start though..


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                              The defense of Illinois is gone at the corners in the secondary and its on both sides with only a week to play.

                              What was a paper thin defense with Hawthorne at corner is now all air.

                              Hawthorne was a 5 star player out of east saint louis Illinois a major receiver threat and Illinois moved this talented player to defense, Nick named Black Cat.

                              I keep looking at how Illinois will keep this game close and it must be with offense. Clock control running the ball right down Missouri throat.
                              Mizzou will counter with 8 men in the block and this should open the field for this red shirt QB to make some plays and make some mistakes.

                              Coming back to the defense of Illinois there is no way that this team can withstand a loss of 2 players in the secondary and contain Missouri.

                              My original prediction of a 6-6 season just went to 3-9

                              This team does not have the backups to step in, not as deep as a Bama or Ohio State 3 deep at every position.

                              Gonna be a long year in Illinois football (Thw Illini basketball team is loaded this year a bright spot)

                              I am thinking Missouri 39- Illinois 14