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    I've built a reputation of treating customers right by ensuring the funds they place with us are guaranteed. In our 8 years of doing business, I have never faltered on this pledge. BetJamaica allows us to bring some exciting new ideas to the betting community and I know you will recognize the difference immediately. I've said it once and I repeat it here again -

    "Sweat the game,
    not the payout."
    - The Greek

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    Did Spiro know?

    I guess my main question is, does that mean Spiro sweats his payouts when he bets at all the other books?

    Also, does Spiro keep his BETTING funds seperate from his sportsbooks funds?

    Lastly, did Spiro know all about Aces Gold going bust and fail to inform other players, customers of his and so on?

    Thank you.


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      Dragon, What's all the beef with Spiro? Everything I have heard over the years about Olympic and Spiro have been nothing but good so please inform.



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        Dragon, where do you play offshore? I think in previous post, I have seen you brag about Pinnacle, I agree they are a hell of a book.


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          I play in every book that exists just about. I have to take chances. But the average bettor DOESN'T have to take chances.

          I just can't stand it to hear these guys talk out both sides of their mouths.

          I play in places that I'm not happy about the way they conduct their business.

          I play at Olympic. That's how I know what a whiner he is.

          You asked me in another thread my favorites. I don't have favorites. I want to beat them all.

          The Supersafe? WWTS, Grande, WSEX. I love pinnacle for many reasons. But I'm also leary.

          I remember all to well making a small fortune off of Aces Gold. What a great book we all kept saying. Of course we all said they were great. They were GIVING us profits week in and week out. Buying off and on the three for 10 cents at on the same game at the same book. What a deal. No juice on Fridays, whoa. 20% every damn time I sent them money!! Great!

          You just have to take a step back and wonder sometimes. Like any wiseguy reading this, ask yourself one question. Look at your logs for any sport. Now tell me where you make the most plays? Where do you find the best number on a game 7 or 8 times out of 10??

          I'd ask you Steve, where you play or who your favorites are, but your answer wouldn't be honest because you're in the business and you promote them. You promoted Royal and Pinnacle that I know of.


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            Dragon, like you I play into a lot of books. The reason I ask you about Pinnacle is because I think, no facts, that they bet more than any book out there. I do know they win. In my opinion they are one of the people that put a big hurt on Sports Market.

            I, probably like you, lost some money at the end with SM but I made so much in there and never bitched much. I never have bet at Pinnacle or Royal because they don't let promotors wager.

            It send like you bet line moves and if you do, I know must books limit players who beat the steam moves. Good luck this season and this hope all the books make it.


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              I find it hard to believe any book bets more than Rio........I think that's why all the fuss over who actually owns them right now.