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  • Remove First Fidelity from the list...

    Jeff/Brian --

    I have asked either of you to respond to my other thread regarding phone calls, mailers, emails etc... You havent replied..

    Since I wrote the thread , I have received no less than 3 mailers from First Fidelity after 7 repeated attempts for them to stop contacting me . I have the emails if you would like to see them

    As the #1 watchdog of the industry , Im sure you are both livid about this lack of respect for someones privacy . Therefore , I ask you to remove from "the list " immediately until the have demonstrated to both of you an ability to remove someone from their database when contacted to do so.

    No one makes a difference in this world until someone has the courage to take a first step .

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    there are no watchdogs.

    sites need $$ to survive.

    they are going to look after their own intersts first.


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      unregistered --

      Bettorsworld prides itself in being the most respected, complete online sports gambling site on the Internet. We not only have longevity in our favor (we have been independently operating since 1995), we have the respect and attention of the most revered persons and companies in the sports betting world---both online and off! Our owners and staff have extensive experience in the online gambling world and are available for one on one assistance with choosing a sportsbook, resolving a conflict, or providing general wagering information. We assure complete privacy when you contact us with respect to any conflict resolution.

      While we do accept paid advertising, Bettorsworld was the first and is still the only portal to not show favoritism with regards to sponsors. We will not accept a sponsor if we have received any complaints from players or if there is any question about a sportsbook's background. We do rely on you, the player, to provide us with relevant information with regard to the books you play with, whether it be positive or negative feedback. Without this feedback, we are unable to provide you with an educated opinion on the vast array of sportsbooks on the Internet today.

      Please take the time to voice your opinion and keep in touch with us. We value your opinion and are grateful for your support over the years. Thank you for making the Bettorsworld Network #1!


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        unregisterd --

        time for the books to change buddy --

        maybe on your nxt post you will identify yourself



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          Well, we do provide the forum, and furthermore we'd be happy to run an editorial by you on the homepage to further get your point across if you wish.

          As for taking them off the list, I think we'd prefer to stick with reporting and making known the no pays.

          Maybe we can start another list of books that do or don't solicit extra heavily?

          It's just that in this day and age, to me anyways, the most important thing is that a player can make a bet and get paid and with First Fidelity, they are one of the strongest books financially.

          We will contact them about this thread as well.



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            Email Larry at first fidelity. He said he would take care of this:

            [email protected]


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              First Fidelity is a great book that pays fast and personally to me that should be the most important factor. Play at a slow pay book and you might agree.


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                I have been with 1st Fidelity for a couple of years, and have never got a phone call - do get lots of mail !

                But they pay ---- bottom line ---- keep on the list


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                  I could agree that junk mail, both electronic and paper can be annoying, and there is nothing worse than telemarketing phone calls.....I can't believe they ever work.....but how hard is it to hit delete on a keyboard or throw the mail away? It takes more effort to argue incessantly with these people than to just get rid of it. It costs them more money in the long run anyway because they are wasting the money to send you the stuff and not getting anything in return.


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                    yipee --

                    try to open up your mind a little bit ........

                    imagine a scenario. beyond your small world , where it would be a problem for someone to receive constant mail and junk from sportbooks ...


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                      jeff --

                      already emailed them 7 times .....
                      thanks for the effort though


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                        It's not a matter of a small or closed mind, although a lot of guys in this biz can't see beyond the end of their own nose. I can imagine that it would cause problems with wife, or a family and that it is aggravating at the very least. The amount of junk mail I have received leading up to the start of the regular season has been mind boggling. I have somehow managed to avoid First Fidelity's list though.

                        If you can't get them to at least stop sending it, you can exploit it to your favor. It costs them money to send you that stuff and you probably aren't going to be playing with them any time soon. So I'd have them sending stuff to everyone I know just to cost them more money.

                        As for being removed from mass e-mailing lists.....good luck. I have never successfully been removed from one yet.


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                            Lousy Book


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                              never had a problem with them. they send a lot of mail but never call me. they also pay!!