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Tradesports to Come on Board - Live Wagering at its Finest

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  • Tradesports to Come on Board - Live Wagering at its Finest will be on board with us very soon and offers something none of our other sponsors does. They offer a betting exchange (complete with live betting like WSEX) that allows you, the player to become the bookie.

    This is a valuable tool you can use to maximize value and minimize your losses. You really need to check them out and see what they are all about.

    Let us know what you think!

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    TradeSports is the leading North American betting exchange, where you bet on sports, politics, financials, entertainment and current events. A betting exchange is a place where passionate sports fans bet person to person without a bookmaker setting odds or taking a vig. Person-to-person betting usually results in much better odds as there is no middleman taking a vig.

    TradeSports will never limit the action of winning players, and there are no limits because the exchange does not lose when you win. TradeSports provides the platform and charges a $.08 fee for ever $10 equivalent bet you make.

    Bet during every game up until the final whistle. With TradeSports you can also act like the Sportsbook and offer odds to other player.

    The Benefits of Sports Trading

    No vig, no juice, a fixed exchange fee

    No middle man so you set the odds

    Lines on the biggest & widest range of events

    In-running betting

    Take profits or limit losses at any time

    GREAT Bonuses and Promotions ]Visit Today and Let them Know Bettorsworld Sent you![/URL]


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      I spent some time yesterday trying to figure this out and I had a lot of trouble. I've never used live wagering before at WSEX and this seems to be like that.

      It's a good concept if it can be explained better.


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        I don't know if this will take off. People don't get baseball wagering much less this bid and ask stuff. It looks like it could be a lot more profitable than regular wagering though.


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          Volume picking up monthly and a fine operation.