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Ewinner broke!?

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  • Ewinner broke!?

    I went to and they said Ewinner admits being broke. They are one of the books advertising here though as well as sponsoring one of the contests. Here is the quick blurb they wrote..

    Sportsbook Review - The SBR Official Newswire

    -09/27/03 eWinner a small book being touted by player forums has admitted to being broke

    Jeff or Brian- Do you know anything about this?

    Sportsbookreview seems to be a fair and honest place that rates the books as well as lists the ones that aren't paying ect..

    I don't play at Ewinner but I sure don't want anyone to put their hard earned money there if Ewinner admits being broke.


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    The talk is some posters and the Shrink have been stealing from them with fake accounts in the tune of 20,000!!!

    Watch who you advertisw with, do you want criminals and thieves promoting your book


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      From what I've read, they are not in trouble, and all talk of that faded pretty quickly when the allegations that Shrink was the one behind the plays started.


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        The talk is The Shrink made up a story that they were broke because they did not adhere to his 45,000 shakedown.

        Read this at RX


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          The way this story was quickly swept under the rug with Royal sweeping in to "save the day" and rescue those poor players.....

          I have no doubt that there is a shakedown of sorts. A lot of sites have complained of the same sort of "scam" when advertising there. I don't know why people don't try to pin it down more or just speak out about it.


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            Interesting..good job on having the info. We need to keep everyone informed on things in the industry.