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    Hello to all,

    This is just to report that my situation with saturnsports is not looking good at all.

    I requested a 2500.00 payout on 16-Oct-2003 and received 1000.00 on that day (I was ok with that - did not mind waiting a few days for the rest). Since then I have not received a penny, I have even offered to receive 500.00 per week, but it seems they can not even afford that. I am very deceived of them, and Greg the fellow I have dealt with.

    When I ask to speak to management they are never around, I have been very patient and polite (have not called them in the last 5 days, they were suppose to take care of me on friday).

    I have not yet set up a web site like I did for the (here) but this organisation appears to be in the same category (this is only my personal view).

    My objective here is strictly to warn other players. Not to complain about the situation, I was very concious about the very high risk in getting involved with them.

    Good luck to all, NL

    [email protected]

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    Good Luck! I have never heard of this place, and maybe it is affiliated with someone else, but if they can't get you even a few hundred of your remaining payout, that doesn't look good.