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  • The Future of this Site

    I see Weitzner sold the Prescription for fear of prosecution from the U.S. feds. Apparently the Justice Department is making it a mission to close down all U.S. based sites that have advertising for offshore sportsbooks, with a threat of prosecution for any U.S. citizens that don't comply.

    Jeff/Brian, would you guys consider moving out of the United States if the feds pull on you what they did on Weitzner?

    Just wondering

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    Fu(k the Feds - what happened to free speech and the web is global - like they can control a web site based on their whims.

    Of course it would be expensive and willl take time, but someone has to stand up to these jack-booted thugs.


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      There's no need to have anyone move out ofthe country. I'm sure all that was done across the street was a change in name pretty much. They even denied fed involvement. Every one of these sites has been rumored to be in trouble with the feds before and they are all still chugging along.

      All that hype about gambling ads being banned are going by the wayside. It's tough to crack down on that when you have companies selling you child porn, over-the-counter prescription drugs, child brides from underdeveloped countries, and so on over the internet. I swear I get 4 or 5 e-mails a day from companies wanting to sell me narcotic level prescription drugs from overseas.