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Jeff-- Russy and Ken are OK cats

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  • Jeff-- Russy and Ken are OK cats

    I like people who respect me Jeff. Tired of the BOO--HOO crying of people at certain sites and I want to change sites for awhile.


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    Can you elaborate on this?


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      Can you elaborate on this?

      Carl Ericksen the owner of OGD is a thief and a lier.

      He sends me Pm's telling me this and that. I get same report from someone else to confirm and then when I post the situaton of a book getting ready to go down or cheat people out of there money he deletes them. (more $ for himself)

      you guys thought Ken was bad. LOL

      Carl (peep) is 3X worse. Don't trust that guy.. Him and his 15 different user names will attack ya. HEE HEE HEE

      I ran a test on his site and I found matching IP's in certain contest which I exposed them as what they were. Cheats.

      Carl tried to comeback with a theory why. HEE HEE HEE and not to mention he then tried to throw the ball back into my court saying I had multiple names.

      Total jerk.
      My last post to Peep

      Nice move Peep

      You attack me.

      I post back.

      You delete it.

      Phuck off.

      I'm out of here, period.

      I like this site, Im going to bring in some more people to this site.



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        Almost forgot.

        I won't forget when he used to Pumpup pro5 and Yahoops when several books went down. He got a whopping $100 account for doing so. HEE HEE HEE pathetic little boy

        You still pumping up Pro5 Carl?