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    I opened an account with Oddsmaker with a grand and they gave me a 100% deposit into an account they call free money. In order for the free money to be worked back into your real money balance, you have to wager 99 dollars to get 1 dollar transferred into the real money balance, The ratio is a little better in the sportsbook at 29:1 as oppose to the 99:1 in casino.

    Anyways, I open the account with 1,000 and quickly lost most of it, I had a run of bad luck and was left with 100 cash and around 800 in free money. I stopped wagering for awhile and then they sent me an email offering a free $25 as a welcome back bonus. I accepted and then proceeded to go on a nice run. I met the rollover requirement in the first hour of playing again. A few days later I asked for a payout. A week after my request, I found out the request was denied because i had a pending wager. Apparently, you are not allowed to request a payout while you have pending wagers.

    I continue to play as I was still on this lucky streak and I ran my account to around 2500. I made sure I had no wagers pending and asked for 1500 payout. That 1500 was removed from my account and I continued to play in the casino with the rest. I got on cold streak again so I stopped playing for awhile and just waited on my payout. It took them nearly a month to process that request. They advertise quick payouts ( 21 days for processing).

    I finally receive a check from them and discover it was for $455. They took 45 out for processing and made me forfeit 1000 of my requested amount along with the rest of the money that was in my account. Since they gave me the 25 welcome back dollars, the stipulation was I could only win 500.

    So I call and ask them about the 100 dollars that was remaining from my initial deposit along with the 800 dollars from the free money account that was worked back into free money. My argument was that these monies should not be subject to the welcome back restrictions.

    I've offered to make another deposit and do whatever they ask if they would be willing to just give me back the monies I earned. So far the only response I have from them is I was on a welcome back promotion and only entitled to the 455 but they would forward my case to the proper department. They tell me to call back in a day or two. So every 2 days or so i call and have to explain everything all over again just to receive the same response, "call back in a day or two." It won't be long before every account manager they have will have heard my story.

    I've pretty much have lost all hope on this case and have no faith in these guys at all. If somebody wants to earn a referral bonus, let me know of a book that is trustworthy and reliable on payouts. It's tough enough to win enough to stay in the positive but when you can't count on the book coming through when you do happen to win, it makes sports wagering and casino playing no fun at all.

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    Ive dealt with this type of crap as well from books and their bonus stipulations. I almost find it less of a headache to just not take bonuses any more. Cash bonuses are fine, but "free money" bonuses can make it damn tough to ever get your winnings out. Good luck with your case.


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      Just wanted to bump this to remind everyone to stay away from this book. No one has a good experience there unless they have never requested a payout or questioned grading of a ticket.


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        STAY AWAY... they steal all balances


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          This place is unreal, I sure wish I would have read this before I started with them. I amazingly turned all of their bonus money into money that could finally be cashed out after months and months. Now their rules only allow for a withdrawal of $1000 at a time, with a fee of $35 bucks each time to do it. Talking with their customer service is amazingly painful, like talking to a 1 year old. They take minutes to answer each question and it drags on forever.

          As has been stated before, STAY AWAY


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            ALL players REMINDER

            STAY AWAY... they steal all balances


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              biggest SCAM site around and still in business.

              STAY far away