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  • Dunes Sports Opening Soon

    We will be opening our doors soon for both phone and Internet wagering. Our website (currently just a "coming soon" site) will feature both a sportsbook and a casino. All types of sports wagers will be taken and we'll be offering new types of wagering such as "betting in progress", etc.

    Because our main focus is going to be taking care of the customer, we would like to hear from all of you regarding what you like and don't like in the way of casino and sports play. Ideas of what you'd like to see throughout baseball season would be welcomed and implemented. We're trying to make our book the "people's book" (to sound downright corny). We'll offer 7 day a week payouts and customer service that will be a breath of fresh air from the norm.

    Please reply to this thread or E-mail at [email protected]. Thanks and keep a look out for us!

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    Goodieee Another neeew book & with a hotmail-e-mail adress no less.ANALYZER


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      Hey guys,

      This will be a big book.. The scoop I got is it's the people from the defunct ??? Dunes Casino in Vegas.. This new group is very heavly finaced. A friend of mine is one of the controlers over there. They are Located in Escazu Costa rica. (SAN JOSE)




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        We are very serious. We plan on opening with a bang and taking Internet and phone wagering to a new level. There are so many books out there that are "supermarket"-like these days. Dunes seeks to distinguish itself by operating soley on it's own platform and with it's own resources. We do have heavy backing from people with many years experience in the gaming business.

        The hotmail E-mail is set up soley to get the ball rolling while our mail server is set up and tested. We wanted to get our name out there and get ideas from our potential customers. The only way we can offer what you want is to hear from YOU.

        Please fire away with questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms. We really want to make this a success!!


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          Will the payouts also be Western Union 7 days a week same day?


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            Yes, our payouts include Western Union 7 days a week. We will also pick up fees on Western Unions, FedEx's, etc. for amounts above and beyond a certain amount (yet to be determined--this is where you come in). On incoming money we will also pick up fees on Western Unions, bank wires, etc. on amounts over $250.00.

            We are also going to emphasize our phone wagering service heavily. Our minimum phone wager will be lower than most other books in the industry to entice customers to wager over the phone.

            Thank you for all of your input. Keep it coming!!


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              My advice is to get listed in the left. I for one have neither the time or ability to check out new books - I leave that to Jeff at Bettorsworld (they have turned down advertisers).

              Having been scammed for 14 dimes at Bet-the-Net awhile back, I restrict my outs to either Don Best members or those on the left. Since this new policy of mine I have never had a payment problem.

              Your new new book sounds interesting ...


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                You need to talk a # to follow the vegas based corp. bookies (we are checking as to who & where you are from & in a couple i will post the info)that was going to show the offshore real bookies how its done.Grand Holiday (DJ started it)Diamond/Big Sportsbook to name a few.ANALYZER


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                  Are you serious? Are you kidding?

                  If you are coming from a Vegas casino, would you risk your business there by operating an illegal book (in the eyes of the US government) over the net in Costa Rica?

                  Take megasports for example, they are also having vegas background but they are operating at Australia with a legal license BUT still they WON"T take any bets from any US customers.

                  You think they are a fool or you have something that they don't know?

                  If you are not representing the casino, why don't you tell us your name and let we have more confidence on you.

                  Very interested to hear your replies...


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                    Dunes has not chosen to affiliate itself with any Vegas based casino. We are operating strictly offshore and are located in San Jose Costa Rica as was mentioned by a previous poster.

                    We are aware of all the budding legislation and controversy involving the Internet gaming industry, but feel that we have the experience and expertise to offer gaming in a way that will benefit the entire industry. Legitimacy is something that is often questioned (rightfully so)in the gambling biz, but we will demonstrate our stability and intent through solid business practices.

                    The world market is certainly something we intend to target, but the US market is by far the most popular. There are many legitimate books (some listed at the left and some not) that take US business and assume the risk. This is a decision made by each book--and does not reflect on the intentions or the legitimacy of the operation.

                    Getting listed on the left is certainly something we are interested in doing. We are only beginning to decide where and how we want our name placed.

                    We have opened ourselves up for all sorts of criticism by posting our pending opening on here. But we decided to do so to gain a better understanding of the gripes and compliments that the players have involving offshore wagering. Dunes has vast experience in the gaming industry and has teamed up with the business world to have an operation that is run with a true "business-oriented" feel.

                    Our offices contain only us--we do not share our offices with twenty other books that all use the same customer service staff and ticket writing staff. We have employed computer, finance, and marketing professionals that can help keep the customer service/accounting side of the business running smoothly.

                    We also realize the level of skepticism involved when it comes to a new establishment in this industry. Only time will truly allow us to gain respect. Keep coming with the questions and comments.

                    Thanks Again,

                    Samantha Edwards
                    Accounting/Customer Service Manager


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                      There are dozens of very good offshore books in business today. Many of them appear on the left here in Bettorsworld. This isn't brain surgery, but what Dunes can do to really differentiate itself from the crowded space of offshore wagering, is to find a mechanism that refunds cash to customers about as quickly as it's taken from customers. We are all tired of waiting 10-14 days to receive a check, or 3-5 days for our credit card to be reimbursed, or even the hassle of going to Western Union. There must be a third party working on an "instant debit/credit card" scheme.

                      If you can guarantee the fastest payouts of any offshore book, you will undoubtedly get ahead. Customer service will win in this industry and the biggest problem I've experienced in my 2 years of this is slow payouts!

                      Just my food for thought...


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                        The Dunes was demolished years ago in Vegas.
                        As I recall, they tried implementing a sportsbook circa 1985, and it only stayed open for several months. And then the entire Dunes was leveled a couple years later. I vaguely remember that the sportsbook was robbed before it closed. Can anyone corroborate this?


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                          Dunes, Are you using a dime line for bases? What sports will you book "on the run"?

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                            We have custom designed our payout system so that we can insure the fastest payouts possible. We've all been customers of offshore books and have experience the highly annoying payout delays. Dunes has all their payouts taken care of IN THE OFFICE. We will cut the checks--not some bank in some other country--we will be sending the Western Unions and bank wires. We have not farmed the work out to a third party so that we can get customers their money as fast as possible.

                            Credit backs to the cards are truly something that we have little control over. The credits will be keyed in on the same day the request was placed and it is then up to the card company for the speed in which the credit is posted.

                            We can guarantee you same day Western Unions, and next day FedEx service. That's where our customer service will differ--we're not going to jerk anyone around on payment. Your money is your money--you should have easy access to it.

                            Differentiation will only come with time. We all have the same basic product. It is only the level and variety of service that can make us stand out. By opening our doors to everyone to critique, compliment and otherwise make suggestions we can propel our business to the top.

                            We will be sticking with ten cent lines for baseball--even amid the growing controversy of profitability. Betting "on the run" will be offered for phone wagering and will be offered on all major sporting events--football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.


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                              How will you cut your own checks?

                              There is a reason all books go through offshore banks to get their bank drafts. The offshore banks have corresponding banks around the world which allow them to clear sooner than 45 days.

                              Do you intend to have bank accounts around the world including the US? That's bad news if you do.