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Eurobet launches WAP Betting

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  • Eurobet launches WAP Betting

    Eurobet, the online gambling company owned by Coral, the UK's third largest bookmaker, is to launch the UK's first transactional betting service for wireless application protocol mobile phones.

    Users of the "m-commerce" service - which Eurobet said would work on any Wap-enabled mobile phone - must first open an account on the company's website or over the phone.

    After being given a user name and password they will then be able to choose the size of stake, take the required amount from the account and place a bet.

    Jim Noakes, Eurobet projects director, said: "This is the first example of m-commerce for betting.", the online auction company, already lets users open accounts on its websites and bid for items using phones.

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    Yeah, this is definitely a big step as far as technologies go. But Eurobet as a bookmaker is a complete joke. Minimum trebbles on most soccer games is just unacceptable. And losing vig when handicap bets push is unheard of anywhere else.

    These guys should learn the art of bookmaking before they focus on anything else.


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      handicap pushes lose on those weird 3-way pointspread deals they have in the UK

      quite reasonable on soccer, too, I think, with limited scoring, or draws you can get lots and lots of

      remember, illegal asian bookmakers pay no tax - these guys presumably do


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        AV, I meant two-way handicaps, Asian lines. If you take a team at DNB and the game ends in a tie, you lose the juice. To be honest, I don't know another bookmaker that does this...


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          Cons, I know you meant Asian lines.

          They are what, 102-3% market?

          As I said, illegal bookmakers pay no turnover tax, etc, so don't care if they refund bets or not.

          If Eurobet has to pay on money taken, they could not afford to do this - DNB games are even, likely to be draws probably more than 1/4 of the time


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            Well, they can do what they want, but to be honest I don't feel this place is decent enough to send any money to. Don't get me wrong, they're as safe as a bank. But that's about all as far as the positive side goes.

            I think they should cover their costs from the vig on handicap lines. Normally 'illegal' books provide these lines at 10-15 cents. I've seen Eurobet's lines crumble to 40 or 50 cents at times. Funny how when they take a hit they lower the odds for that side, yet they don't budge the other.

            Overall I think their 'minimum trebbles' rule is awful as well. Most of the soccer and all of F1 and tennis is not available as singles. And it's not like they're under the juristiction of British law...

            Lastly, their limits are 50 quid for 14 hours a day, so I wonder if time-zone differences will leave many people with a very small "window" within which they can place normal wagers.