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    Hello all,
    Another question, please forgive me but I am interested in learning all I can and I truly appreciate all of your input. Now to the question... Do overnight lines change during the night like lines do during the day? Also, does Dons Best's service have the night lines changing or do they stay set until a certain morning hour? Thanks again for your time and replies! Goodnight.

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    I guess I'll take this one as well. I don't know the answer to this but.....I would guess that the Island Xpress #'s reflect the opening overnights up through the end of the last game of the day. I don't watch the screen at all at night so its just a guess. Yours is a tough question because there is obviously movement in the overnights throughout the afternoon and early evening. But beyond that, an educated guess would be that they stay as is and react only to your individual plays. A simple example would be if you bet a dime on a side....and then came back later and tried to bet again....then the programming in the system would probably skew the line bit away from you. I'm not sure what amount would trigger this as it varies depending on the book. Reno could probably elaborate more. Bowmans (when they used to put overnights last year) would do it at a very low bet amount when you called in, as they're open 24/7. But then that's neither here nor there. Hope this helps a bit


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      Thank You very much! I appreciate yours and everybody elses very informative insights. Good luck Chester/ all.


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        Overnight lines do move, though usually not a great deal. If you have the Don Best premium service, you can click on individual games and get the overnight-line movement history of a game at books--such as CRIS, Caribi, ABC, and Olympic--that put up an overnight line.

        Last baseball season, two important things happened that essentially ruined ovenight lines for me. First, Bowman's, which had been a gold mine because they used Feist's weak numbers, dropped out of the picture. Second, and more important, CRIS started putting up overnight lines in the late afternoon. Once they did that, everyone just cloned their numbers. This year, it is the same thing, except that most books now clone Caribi because they offer a 10-cent line and their BM, Monty, who left CRIS, is highly respected in the biz.

        If anyone knows of any book that puts up overnight lines that differ more than a few pennies from Caribi's, please let us know.


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          WWTS usually has between two and four games with a difference of six to ten cents.However,you have to be grandfathered in to get most of them.