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  • Who wants free $25? No gimmick!

    A friend of mine emailed me yesterday regarding Grand Central Sports who is offering $25 for free, no gimmick. All you have to do is login and register, within 30 minutes you'll see $25 in your account. This is something different, no initial deposit required. But of course the big question is, if that $25 reaches $500 or so and you asked for a payout, will they pay? Remains to be seen and whoever gets in that position, please share. This is what we are all here for, we got to stick together. Good luck!!!

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    Had a friend take the $25 to 300 and pulled out. Seems like a straight up shop.Premier did the same thing a while back (free $20 account) The only thing GSC asks is you play the amount $25 , 5 times. One thing I didnt like is Western Union is next day payout , ie... ask for it on Monday morning get it tuesday , I prefer same day myself.Their horse racing setup on line is nice also.

    Good Luck



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      BTH - thanks for the info. I heard you about their W. Union payout, that is unaccpetable to me neither. But the worst I know is GOTO sports. You request for a W. Union payout on Monday (which is their only payout day) and you will receive it Wednesday. I was about to post up with them until I learned about that process. I talked to one of their reps who is very professional though and explained to them that everytime we send them funds it only takes 15 minutes for them to get it and we want the same way if we ask it back. The guy just answered me, I know exactly what you are saying sir and I couldn't do anything about it because "that is our policy". I just simpy said, if you want to stay competitive then change your policy. Good luck to all!!!


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        Well I signed up for the free $25 play myself at GC Sports and with the Lakers Money Line- I have my free account up over $725 if you can believe that! What are the odds on that? Been playing for the last 4 weeks on it.


        10768911 5/14/2000 12:19PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 110.00 191.22 #1
        10769067 5/14/2000 01:04PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 70.00 121.22 #1
        10769427 5/14/2000 03:12PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 120.00 1.22 #1
        10770262 5/15/2000 08:39AM Wager Won 229.09 230.31 Grade Results
        10772049 5/16/2000 12:22PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 220.00 10.31 #1
        10773548 5/16/2000 11:46PM Wager Won 420.00 430.31 Grade Results
        10773768 5/17/2000 01:48AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 120.00 310.31 #1
        10774824 5/17/2000 06:32PM Wager Won 220.00 530.31 Grade Results
        10775205 5/17/2000 09:01PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 30.00 500.31 #1
        10775445 5/18/2000 02:21AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 118.00 382.31 #1
        10775615 5/18/2000 08:58AM Wager Won 60.00 442.31 Grade Results
        10776387 5/18/2000 04:12PM Wager Refund 118.00 560.31 Grade Results
        10777056 5/19/2000 00:33AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 60.00 500.31 #1
        10777693 5/19/2000 02:51PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 138.00 362.31 #1
        10778267 5/19/2000 06:02PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 110.00 252.31 #1
        10779401 5/20/2000 02:26AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 142.00 110.31 #1
        10779402 5/20/2000 02:27AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 110.00 0.31 #1
        10780975 5/20/2000 06:26PM Wager Won 210.00 210.31 Grade Results
        10781023 5/20/2000 06:26PM Wager Won 511.00 721.31 Grade Results
        10781138 5/20/2000 06:47PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 50.00 671.31 #1
        10781665 5/21/2000 01:53AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 110.00 561.31 #1
        10781666 5/21/2000 01:54AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 55.00 506.31 #1
        10781988 5/21/2000 12:01PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 130.00 376.31 #1
        10782031 5/21/2000 12:20PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 145.00 231.31 #1
        10782615 5/21/2000 03:54PM Wager Won 230.00 461.31 Grade Results
        10783032 5/21/2000 06:23PM Wager Won 210.00 671.31 Grade Results
        10783302 5/22/2000 02:43AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 260.00 411.31 #1
        10786969 5/24/2000 02:28PM 1 Wager(s) Placed 100.00 311.31 #1
        10794381 5/28/2000 10:39AM 1 Wager(s) Placed 311.31 0.00 #1
        10795687 5/28/2000 06:19PM Wager Won 762.71 762.71 Grade Results

        This is just the last 14 days. What a run.

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          How can a shop still have payouts one day a week. I can remember when places used to do it on Mondays and Tuesdays. With all of the competition out there everyone should at least pay out 5 days a week. If the player can send money 7 days a week then maybe the shops should do the same.


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            I opened an account Grandcentral yesterday and have yet to receive my $25. Is there something else I should do? Udog had mentioned 30 has been well over 30 minutes. Maybe I missed something. Any help is appreciated.



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              That's is weird, it generated it for me automatically. E-mail :[email protected]
              Alex should fix the problem.

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                GC Sports seems a fine place to play. I just can't handle having to re-log in every five minutes. If that problem ever is fixed, I will re up with them. But there are just too many good places that don't have that problem.


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                  Just received my $25. Anyone know why it says not to bookmark the page at the top of their site?


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                    They now have their site timing out in 10 minutes, (better than 5) They told me if you bookmark the page that says DO NOT BOOKMARK, you will receive an error message when you go back there. Its ok to bookmark

                    GCsports claims they are reprogramming their site to not time-out unless a line moves. They use the same software as Olympic just different graphics.

                    I have been playing there a while and they do payouts 5 days a week not 1. Never had a problem other than the timing out.


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                      gc is great, you don't have to re-log if click -bet the board- also if you sign up then call you get the promo right then, but no call you get it the next day. the best service i have had. keep us posted for free promo's


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                        misunderstood you re-log problem, goto is the same way. also, buddy of mine signed up for the pomo befor me and told me about it, when he deposited the money they still gave me a buck for refering him. they will work with you in any way if you call them


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                          Slots - When are you going to ask for a payout? When that day comes, please inform us. Thanks.


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                            I can't get the page to come up; keeps telling me that there is a network error. Is the site down?



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                              Some parts of the country may have
                              trouble getting onto their site today.
                              Their having some technical problems.
                              You may have to phone in wagers today.

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