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  • Bowmans and Nascar

    I have a question for whoever. I have a local friend who took Kennseth at 40-1 at Bowmans. The deal was though they could only bet him for 25 bucks. Said they couldn't let him win over 1000 on Kennseth. What the heck is that about? I make lots of bets in nascar and the pay-out(s) are over a thousand. I was just wondering if anyone had ever ran into this problem with Bowmans? Granted this guy has been on a tremendous run, and only wagers at Bowmans. In fact he basically only bets nascar. Maybe he is considered a sharpie to them LMAO. Wish I would have known they told him that before the race started. I would have bet #17 myself just on suspicion alone



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    I was told a rumor that perhaps they are being bought out...perhaps not looking to lose any money for the time being. Not sure this is true. Anyone?


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      Plain and simple ..... As some of you know they are sweating the money again......$25 max. bets now huh? Wow! Just amazes me or better yet IT SHOULDN'T AMAZE ME.


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        I believe that Bowman's is trying to top--or shall I say "bottom"--Intertops for the lowest limits in sportsbetting. On early morning baseball games, Intertops, I believe, has a $50 limit. Now that Gary Bowman has a $25 limit on some wagers, he has effectively undercut European rival Intertops. I'm so excited about this one-downsmanship, I'm going to celebrate by lighting up one of Gary's latest cigars: the El Stinko.


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          I wonder if they would let me open an account there in Pesos, so I could at least feel like I'm betting something.


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            Nice try Reno but you could have bet $1,100 at Intertops on Matt Kenseth if you desired and would have received your 40k plus.

            I suggest you look at Intertops' limits again. For most sports they are fairly good, although the majority of bettors aren't limit players.


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              Yeah, Reno would have gotten his 40k along with a letter saying that his play was no longer welcome and the check's in the mail.

              I signed up with Intertops in March of 99 right before March Madness. I talked to a phone rep there and was told that the limits for tournament games were going to be a lot higher than the $250 they took during the season. When I couldn't bet more than $250 on a side for the entire tournament, I closed my account with them after waiting 30 days for my check to clear.

              Bowmans was bad when I left them (Sept 99), but I hear they are sweating the money even worse now. These two books have a lot in common, and that's not a compliment to either one of them.


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                Can't say I don't wholeheartedly agree.