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  • I'm a sharp bettor.

    Now that 'mute is alive again he can post on a real topic.

    I talked to customer service at Bowmans today because for the last week or so the lines the've posted on their web site are out of sync with what they quote on the phone. For instance they had the expos at +1.5 -105 on the web and yet they quote -120 on the phone which is pretty well what the rest of the books had.

    I inquired as to whether they were having problems with their software. They said no -you're getting sharp lines because you're a sharp bettor. Me - a sharp bettor - in baseball - hardly. I manage not to lose money but I've never been a big or even a medium winner at bases. All I do is shuffle money from winning book to losing book.

    I managed to reduce my account at Bowmans from around $5000 to $500 over the last 6 months or so and then suddenly won a few dimes on scalps - the last refuge of the incompetent bettor - apologies to Reno.

    Does that make me sharp or are they just covering up for software that doesn't work? Either way I'm not impressed. Up until now I thought highly of Bowmans but now I'm not sure. Their customer service is great but that isn't everything.

    Any thoughts anyone?


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    I had to ditch out of Bowman's altoghether because things got so ridiculous. You used to to be able to bet golf futures to win $2,000 (which was low to begin with) and the last time I called the limit was $300.

    "Yes, I'll take so and so at 50 to 1 for $6..."

    It became pretty much a useless place for me which I was rather saddened by because it was my very first place and has always been my sentimental favourite.

    I hope they get things turned around there, I really do.


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      I just signed on with Victor Chandler, and it is more of the same garbage. They don't even bother to update their website lines. It is beyond me how books like VC and Bowman's cannot offer on-line betting,or at least real-time odds. Furthermore, they have small-time limits.

      These books should bite the bullet and hire a knowledgeable, successful big-time U.S. Then, they could make millions more. Some of the Don Best books--Del Mar, for example-- just started a couple of years ago with a small customer base and not big-time resources. Now, they take huge bets and make huge money from monster players. These English books need entrepeneural, aggressive, smart American BMs. Then, they can get on the Don Best screen and compete with with the big boys.


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        Victor Chandler hired Rich C. from Rich's a couple of years ago. Their limits used to be much better. Last season a friend put 3 dimes on Portland at 33/1 with VC. Don't think their deal with Rich worked out.


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          I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that Rich was only with VC for a limited-time, "transition" sort of arrangement. Shortly after Rich's Superbook closed (and, to my knowledge absolutely everyone promptly got every penny they were owed by Rich) VC came trawling for US customers with small changes in Rich's policies--and even less change from his old webpage.

          Like everywhere else, VC is behind the schedule they'd like to be on when it comes to going online. Last I talked to one of the managers, their aim is football season.

          Reno, if I were you I'd call up and ask to speak with Chris Taylor. He'll be very straightforward with you as to what they'll take.

          As to whether or not VC should hire Americans, I've no idea. Right now I'm getting dime lines to -185, Asian Lines at American-20-cents, soccer totals at American-20-cents, and nice dog prices in just about everything. Other stuff too. Status quo suits me fine.


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            I quit using Bowmans this year. They were great two or so years ago with larger limits. I mainly used them as a line comparison and got some good numbers on some football, but mostly golf. I tried a few weeks ago to get down on some golf, but the limits were going down as I was talkig to the clerk...$500..uh, no...$300. B.S. Who puts up with that. Especcially since they have a poor web presence, I've dropped them completely.



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              Shawn, I was misinformed when I signed up with VC. The gal I talked to implied that their betting lines were real-time odds. I won't waste my time or a book's time by calling for constant updates. Also, I had simply assumed they took a decent pop. Again, I was wrong. Tomorrow, I'll ask them to close the account and send my money back.

              Even if they aren't on-line, there is no excuse for not having real-time odds. If Pinnacle, Post Time, and Looselines could do it, so can these guys.


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                You guys don't get it.

                Books like Bowmans and VC don't want wise guys like you because you win.

                They'd rather have 100 small time players like me who consistently lose and don't complain all of the time.


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                  Are VC betting on all soccer leagues properly yet? Have not bothered to look given that there are several others out there.


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                    Bob, 6 dollars??

                    That is even too small for me!


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                      I've raised the issue with VC regarding their line updates on their website on many occasions. Each and every time the response was that they'd pass it along. On the other hand it seems to me that their numbers are often the last to move so..... But what kills me sometimes is the inordinate amount of time it takes to get the phone connection through.


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                        They are singles-up on the big four leagues, minimum trebles in minor leagues--and, alas, "pure" trebles (no patents etc). Talked with Chris last week and he wouldn't even let me piggy-back a treble-game on a single like Eurobet does.


                        Gregg Rathbone told me at the start of the season they'd take five dimes a side in baseball anytime. Has this changed?



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                          Yeah, that is pretty lame, given the large percentage take on soccer to start with.


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                            I was told their normal limits are a dime on sides and a nickel on totals, but on certain games, if you ask for it, they'll give you more.


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                              Chestrockwells, they must have some super-cheapo international phone deal. But the time delay that we bettors have to put up with certainly does nothing to enhance VC's reputation. All it does it make them appear cheap. Not one other offshore book I play with has the phone-time delay that VC does.