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Any online sportbook that offer asian handicap?

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  • Any online sportbook that offer asian handicap?

    Hey ppl any idea any other online sportbook that offer asian handicap? beside easybets...its really suxs...been four days and still no news of my withdrawal and no reply to all my 3 emails., beside, looks good but it doesn't offer asian handicap

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    Eurobet around 1.90 each way but be careful not to play games there with a handicap of 0, 1, or 2: if the game lands on the number, you forfeit 5% of your stake.

    Anybody tried Macauslot yet? I would have, but there's this language issue...


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      EASYgamer and Shawn, Darwin All Sports offers true Asian Handicaps both via telephone accounts and over the internet. The very same style of lines you would be familiar with at jphan.
      In fact we found our Asian lines were extremely popular during the recent Euro 2000 comp.
      Currently we only have our Premier League Futures up as we are just emerging from our annual 4 week soccer hibernation! - However, when soccer hits our screens again, we will be offering Asian Handicaps on a whole range of games and leagues.
      We are still yet to work out our parlay/accumulator/multiple rules on Asian Handicaps (as you could imagine the implications), so we will inform of any news regarding those bet types.

      Hope that helps a little!


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        so you are going to have 1.95 1.95 Asian Lines?


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          And can I bet them from my online US sports account?


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            Thanks for all the info,I knew about Eurobet but that time they does not accept credit card.


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              p2p, apparently when they redesign their site, yes you can, their forum says August - but knowing programming, etc., I wouldn't expect it then


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                And also it's in Darwin time


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                  What, you reckon NT people are slow Oz?

                  Have heard they are troppo, not that one.

                  South Australians, now........