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College betting in Vegas finished?

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  • College betting in Vegas finished?

    Saw that it passed the first step today and its only a matter of time. I wish I was wrong, but it will pass in both the Senate and House whether this year or next. Can't fathom going into a Vegas book and not seeing college up on the board. They're such fools thinking that eliminating legal forms of gambling does any good whatsoever. Oh well, won't affect me other than stopping me from going to Vegas during football or basketball season.

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    It's all nonsense. They are missing the big picture. Keep it out in the open, regulated, etc.etc., and they will be much better off.

    What happens if the ban goes through, the next time there's "unusual" money showing on a college hoops game?


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      The NCAA and other agencies might want to use you folks as a conduit to offshore to inquire about "unnatural money" moves. What do you think about that?


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        Being based out of Vegas these days, I'm covering this subject in my column for next weeks paper.
        Jeff, I won't mention the papers name until you post that it's OK to do so. (it's not a competitor so shouldn't be a problem? let me know);
        if not, anyone who's interested can get a copy by e-maiing me directly;
        Kid - I'd like to incorprate part of your post form my column if it's OK with you?
        Ronbets - how are you? I don't know if the NCAA would use this medium (unless of course they can get a nickle out of the deal); they don't want Vegas for that purpose and here it's regulated betting, at the off shores, it's not?
        to all - remember - you have to look past the cosmetics to get to the root of the problem and see who's really behind it....

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          Sonny, no problem.


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            Ronbets- we'll refuse to cooperate

            Sonny- No problem


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              We'll get together soon and have a brew. Imagine these Aussies(AV2), think we have expensive and lousy beer here in LV.


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                plus your stubbies are smaller, so even worse


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                  Kid, According to Sen.Reid of Nevada the bill won't make it this year(the two Sen. from NV. are stalling it out in the Senate and their is not enough time for this year to do anything about it). But next year is a different story. As Sen.Reid says, "It's a done deal, their is no stopping it". I live in Vegas and I am glad the ban is going to pass. The casinos that are now owned by corporate America could care less about the sportsbooks. The Vegas books are a joke. Low limits, ripoff money lines, ripoff teaser prices, future bets almost non-existent. As one writer put it, "Vegas sportsbooks, Dead Men Walking".


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                    Correct Corporate America would rather use that large space to put in slot machines, video poker and other assorted slot/video based games.

                    Why is that?

                    They derive the majority of the profits for the house. The sportsbook is looked upon as a liability that if lucky generatesa very small profit.

                    Afew years back a sportsbook took in some major paper on a game or two and got beat. It actually affected the casino's bottom line and the stock took a good hit.

                    That's reality....

                    Why have that risk when you can have those nice little machines playing music, sucking up bills, and virtually maintenance free.

                    I love the sportsbooks, there's nothing better than sitting there holding a ticket and watching it there, and having the room scream in cheer as your team is winning and hell even listening to the cussing and moaning when losing. Would hate to see it go, but it is only a matter of time.

                    I am going to start a different thread on a different related topic.


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                      you're glad the ban will be passed?
                      thousands of people will be derived of a favorite entertainment pleasure but
                      PARAMOUNT - many good people will lose their jobs, people with a family to support.
                      and not just in Race and Sports businesses;
                      there will be a trickle down effect;
                      look at kids opening and telling statement
                      "I just won't go to Vegas during football or basketball season"; in a town where every business is in some way, shape, or form dependent on tourism THAT kind of thinking can't be good for anybody;
                      since you're in Vegas also, I'm missing something - what is there to be glad about?
                      as I said I am looking to use this topic for a column next week and would like your opinion as you are in Vegas. You present a different viewpoint than most and I'd like to offer ALL angles, not just my own personal opinion.
                      Post a reply if you see this and let me know if I can incorporate it, thanks.

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                        Sonny, you may incorporate any of my views for your story. Here are my reasons for saying, "I am glad the betting ban will pass". First off my friend from Calif. does'nt come to Vegas anymore to place his bets. He just picks up the phone. He used to come to Vegas and bet up to 6 figures on a game. Vegas does not allow that anymore unless your a loser at their tables. Hardly any prop bets and the max bet on these props is usually only $500. Sonny, when your used to betting 5 to 10 dimes on a prop bet and now can only get $500 it makes you want to say, "go ahead and ban the college games too"!!! I'll add more on another post.


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                          Sonny, When the MGM bought out the Mirage, what sportsbook did they decide to use, player friendly(fair odds)MGM or tourist gouging Mirage? They went with the Mirage. The Vegas casinos spent $100 million fighting the Indian gaming bill in Calif. Do you know how much the casinos are spending to fight the college betting ban? Maybe 10 cents if that. The politicians say Vegas are hypocrites for banning betting on UNLV and UNR. And their right! Gov. Guinn says "we can change that in three days". Six months later nothing has changed. And now the $2200 max. on phone accounts per day. That was the last straw for me. As Jimmy Vacarro said when asked how all these changes in the Vegas sportsbooks were effecting him, he said,"It does'nt, I do most of my betting off shores". That says it all.


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                            That's the most self centered response I've ever heard. That reminds me of a D.Strawberry quote when told by LaSorda that many LA homes were burning up with the raging fires. D.S. replied, I don't give a shlt Skipper, I don't live there anymore".

                            I hate these toilets they call sportsbooks worse than you. If I saw Art M. with a flat tire in N.LV, I'd probably shoot out the other three. But you're missing the point here. People have jobs and families to feed. Knocking out NCAA wagering in this town is worse than losing 2 successful pro franchises. If the limits are too paltry, don't play. I simply ignore them.


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                              Ronbets, My god your missing the whole point. The corporations don't want sports bettors at their casinos. You make the comment, "if the odds are too paltry, don't play". Thats just it, I'm not playing!!!! My friend who has lost over a million dollars at the Vegas books is now losing his money off shore. You talk about all the jobs that will be lost. The sportsbooks hire part-time workers to handle the colleges and NFL and then make the other people that are already their work overtime. If your thinking jobs will be lost because of the trickle down effect the casino exec. disagree with you. I share the same feeling about Art Manteris. His odds are terribly unfair. He has the worst future odds in the world.