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If Las Vegas Sportsbooks took phone and internet wagering would you......

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    Scot, I assume you knew Gene. Knowing Stupak I wouldn't put it past him. Remember when his daughter was running for councilwoman against Hawkins when Bob tried to buy her victory. Mayday gave him a line at 8-1 or something and the very next day she was leading in the polls. Mayday got really pissed and their frendship ended.


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      Interesting scenario.....

      As for the gov't to make money absolutely. I wouldn't want the player to face taxes on money they already paid taxes on already.

      I think personally, that it would work and boy would the tax payers get a break.

      Funny thing is they want to stop gambling on college sports, but yet they wont enforce the NCAA to pay these kids that brong the universties the revenue and get nothing.

      You will say they get a scholorship and free ride, but realistically how many of these guys are really in class everyday and getting a real degree rather than 1 of, Bachelor of gym class training.

      Perhaps they can keep the big sponsors out of the school as well so we can go back to the Orange bowl rather than the Orange Bowl brought to you by the SLAP NUTS Corporation.


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        Scotty -

        I seem to remember that A**tin tried to make large bets at the Stardust about a week after the "robbery" and one of the guys there, I think it was Richard, refused the bet. A**tin asked why and the guy [maybe Richard] said "because we don't know whose money you are betting with".

        I don't know for sure that this is true but I am pretty sure that it is. Any input?

        Also: I have always thought that the million dollar bet on the Bengals was a set up deal. If the bet was made, it may have been laid off all over town in smaller amounts.

        I know that Stupak bought Gene some sort of goofy experimental car after he collected. Gene had it parked in front of his joint for a while.

        It held one person and was shaped like a cigar, or whatever. I don't know if Gene ever drove it but it had to be a sight if he did.

        As for the discussion re Vegas internet betting. Vegas is D.E.A.D. as far as sportsbetting is concerned, with all the rules, corporations, etc.

        We may as well surmise as to what would happen if Microsoft started an intenet casino.



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          So a few of you would, a few wouldn't move your money from offshore.

          I figured this would generate some interest but I haven't a definitive one.

          What happens when it becomes a reality, as I am thinking it will a lot sooner than most even think it to happen period.


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            Zap...Touchy subject so I will be very generic. After GA went tapioca I got a call from "da guys". They said they had no problem with me but they knew GA still had 50 large in his phone account, which he did. I told GA to come and get it out and close the account. Belive it or not he told me it belonged to the company and he didnt see anything wrong with betting it. I told him I would be out front in 30 min with his $$ and if he wasnt there I would leave it on the sidewalk for him. (I would rather have him pissed than the other guys, it seemed like a good choice). He showed up got the $$ and I was out of it...Scotty


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              Since we are on the beting subject of winnings....

              Who is the biggest $$$ loser of all time that is known to the books or offshores or anywhere.......

              I had to put in dollar signs, because I am sure I would get all kind of responses as to who is the biggest loser of all time