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    I'm sending them money on monday unless people here feel they should talk me out if it.

    I know they aren't on the list, but heard good things about them. The rest of my accounts are all on "list" books, so I don't see this as being much of a risk, and I want their -105 for life.

    thanks in advance,

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    Chilly, any new sportsbook should be treated with caution. And one that is offering big incentives (bonus, low vig, etc) should raise more yellow flags.

    I'm not trying to tell you not to post up with them, but it would seem wise to keep your balance low.


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      Chilly I'm not gonna come in and tell you how solid we are, I'll let other posters take a shot at that, but I do want to clear some things up. We are not on the list because we don't pay to advertise hear and that is the only reason. We also are not as new as some people may think, the owner was involved in other offshore books for about three years and we are in our current location for about a year and a half, we were mostly a credit shop looking to expand in the post up business and online gambling so we do have the appearence of a new shop.


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        Top of the World is very solid. I've been there for almost a year and have no problems. It's tough to pass up the -105.


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          There are 26 or 27 books on the list that do not advertise here.

          The list is something I have maintained for close to 5 years now. It's based on my own opinions and feedback from players, both here in the forum and personally.

          You have kept a low profile. Only going after the post up market commercially recently.

          The feedback has all been positive, and you will be added to the list soon.

          But it has nothing to do with the fact that you don't advertise here.


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            Chilly - Top of the World Sports is very solid. You want to make some extra dough? Email me at [email protected] for more info.


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              Jeff thanks for clearing that up for me but thats the impression I was under.


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                Actually, I'm thinking maybe we're referring to two different lists?

                There are the books listed at the top and bottom of all the pages, and then there's "THE LIST" which is linked along the top.