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  • Good Sportsbooks not on "The List"

    I'd like to offer inputs on a few sportsbooks that I've had good experiences with, which are not on the Bettorsworld "List" of approved sportsbooks. If I'm wrong about any of these, I'd surely like to know. If they are just not established enough to make it yet, then perhaps my inputs will help them out.

    Cascade - on the Don Best premium feed, which is usually a good indication by itself. Respected by others.

    Skybook - recently bought out by Rio, a first class organization. Their current operations are top notch.

    NASA Sports, on the IslandXpress feed. Good value and limits, not clone lines. Not to be confused with the NASA International sportsbook that reportedly stiffed a player for a large sum.

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    I've also had good experiences with Cascade & Skybook...I'd recommend both. Although, being on the Don Best premium feed means NOTHING when it comes to safety. Just look at Caribi & Dunes.


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      Cascade is simply outstanding, one of the very best books in the biz. It is a gross oversight not to have them on the List. I have a lot of respect for Lenny, the guy who runs the joint.

      Another outstanding book not on the list is Camelot, run by Mark Del. although the book is new, I'm a big Mark Del fan and love the way he runs the operation. Mark is a true professional.

      It is ridiculous not to have Skybook on the list. Rio now owns them and they are simply an extension of Rio, one of the top books.

      NAB should be on the list. I know the guy backing this operation, and he has more money than anyone I know.


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        To Everyone,

        Our list is filled with books that WE have a good repoire with. They need not be an advertiser to be on the list.

        we do not extort or threaten books that do not wish to advertise with bettorsworld.

        our group of books are the best. our list is number #1 in the industry bar none.

        its that simple.


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          I have played with two books not on the list.

          Number one was the first book I ever joined which turned into a horrible experience as everyone knows (now) this book is the bottom of the barrel.

          Number two was one I signed up with last year. They went out of business at the end of football season and I had to work for five months to get paid.

          Personally, I have no problem just sticking with books on the list.


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            I had an account at Caribi a while back. Long before there was ever a peep about problems at the book, they disappeared from the list. I emailed Jeff for an explanation, and from what he told me, decided to get out, and thank god I did. I have no complaints about his list.


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              Thanks as always, for the comments and criticism.

              I think I have the list under control.

              Skybook was taken off for good reason. I suppose they can be added for football since they are with Rio now.

              Cascade was not a gross oversight.

              Camelot, very new. Perhaps for football.

              NAB......I think that's great he has more money than anyone Reno knows. God bless him.

              Bottom line, I don't know enough about him.

              Rest assured, I have good reason for keeping certain books off and waiting to add others.

              I'm not at liberty to discuss alot of my reasons. Doing so would betray the confidence that others have in me. Those that pass along helpful info.

              I'll continue to do my best with the list, always keeping in mind that many people take it very seriously.

              I'd rather not add a book simply because someone blows smoke up the owners ass in a posting forum.

              Keep in mind, this is a constantly changing atmosphere, dealing with daily rumors about one place or another.

              Just the past few weeks there have been rumblings about a very well known book that's in the hole pretty big to other books.

              If I feel it's something to be concerned with, I won't hesitate to drop them from the list (just like caribi early dragon eluded to)

              I also won't hesitate to elaborate to those of you who regularly correspond with me about the different books.

              When it comes down to it, the list is my opinion. My opinion based on personal experience, feedback from friends and others, etc.etc.

              I don't owe it to any book to include them on the list, if it's my opinion they don't belong.

              To those that follow the list, and value my opinion, great.

              To those that don't, that's also great. You, of course, are entitled to opinions of your own.


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                I think the list is almost the gospel truth, so don't take my post as criticism. Instead, I wanted to open the floor for discussion about a few other books that might be added later, and to see if anyone had good reason that I should not be in those non-list books.


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                  >>Our list is filled with books that WE
                  have a good repoire with. They need not
                  be an advertiser to be on the list.<<

                  How many on the List are not advertisers?


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                    Just compare "the list" with the books on top of this page....


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                      As long as ***** is involved with NAB stay away.


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                          In wake of the Caribi fiasco and Don Best's support of Monty right to the end, have you considered deemphasizing the "Don Best factor" in constructing the list?


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                            Unnamed sources:

                            Actually, yes......and you make a valid point. I have comments on the list that state "on the don best feed", for example.

                            I actually have a much different view of the Don Best factor than many other people do.

                            I think it's important to remember that Don Best is a line service. They never called themselves a "watchdog".

                            Alot of the reason people say, hey, if they're on Don Best, they must be good, comes from the people/players themseves, not necessarily Don Best.

                            Sure, they market themselves as having the best books in the business on their feed, but then, for the most part, that's true.

                            It's important to remember that the product they sell, is the numbers.

                            Even though Caribi was in trouble, their numbers were still of value to some players that subscibe to Don Best. The only thing they probably should have done differently was perhaps send out a message to their subscribers that Caribi was having troubles, just in case someone didn't know.

                            I actually asked Dana a few questions about the Caribi situation...

                            Some interesting facts:

                            Most Don Best subscribers felt that the best chance they had of getting paid was if Caribi stayed on the screen.

                            I also found it interesting that Don Best did a search on all their subscribers to see where the majority of their customers had Caribi on their screen........something like 75% not only had caribi on the 1st page, but also had caribi as one of the 1st books they displayed.

                            Getting back to your question real quick......Don Best is still a great source of info as far as who's solid and who's not. Simply because of the fact that being on the feed, just like being on a site like Bettorsworld, puts the book under the microscope. Any slow pays or no pays are sure to surface much faster than if the book wasn't there.


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