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    Az Bob. I do not disagree with you entirely. Personally, I have steered away from as much of that as I possibly could, and think alot of that nonses is just that, by all involved, nonsense.

    But at what point do you not say something about issues like the ones I raised above?

    But yeah, hey, in general, things probably will change.

    I think I'd rather have the site be a sportsbetting information site with the linse feed, the sports monitor and stats and news and leave the barking to others.


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      Jeff I generally stay out of these conflicts and I rarely if ever post anywhere else (although I do lurk occassionally) but I do have to agree with Azbob. The bottom line is that 2 days ago you were assuring bettors that Acesgold "isn't going anywhere" and it is possible that your comments may have caused a lot of people to either send more funds or not draw funds they were going to. Also I noticed you were the last ones to take down Aces Gold's advertising link. I'm not stating that AG closing up is your fault, but if EF Hutton suggests a stock and the stock goes under they will usually at least say
      "sorry our mistake for suggesting that to you."

      On a different note, I notice that majorwager is offering $500 rebate to anyone who signed up with Acesgold through their site. Are you offering the same? I'm guessing more people signed up through Bettorsworld with the company than with majorwager.


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        The links were taken down along with everyone else. Whether or not they were up longer than one site or anoter would only be a matter of our waiting for our webmaster to take down the links. We instrict the webmaster to remove the links and he does. When he gets to it.

        MW offers to "secure" accounts for $500.

        We offered no such promotion. The legality of doing so in the United States is questionable. Similar to being an agent.


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          I posted this link a while back and don't know if feb 5th would have saved any but it won't hurt to save this as a 2nd or 3rd party reference.Hope link is ok to post as they don't take ads and shouldn't be in competition.I have found them to be quite resourceful.


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            I agree with Azbob as well.

            Funny that a thread was deleted (I searched and could not find it) where I questioned what was going on with Aces Gold and was ridiculed for it. I think Jeff said something like " being women gossiping about any bad news possible". Well Jeff, it isnt about just gossiping its about peoples hard earned money. You thought you were funny with that comment and now no one is laughing and pathetically you removed the thread. Classic.

            I rarely post in here but I felt in this case I just had to. IMHO, this site is a joke when it comes to questioning sportsbook endorsed by here. At least the RX site had enough decency to post a negative article about ACES before anybody else did and hopefully it saved people some money. In a industry like this, its tough to back people 100% and go on a limb in doing so - becasue you lose ALL credibility when something goes wrong.

            My heart goes out to anyone ripped by ACES and especially those who kept there money in there after the strong backing from this site.


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              shrink has insight? that asshole throws darts. backs off and sits. then plays monday morning qb when it goes in his favor. aand i mean favor.

              he would rather see players get stiffed than himself be wrong.

              we posted on his site an opportunity for SOME players to be given an opportunity to recoupd losses. an offer made by Royal.

              instead of simply leaving the post on his site he opted to pull it.
              why? because he is not behind it.

              we hope the players think long and hard about backing playersd5 and some other books whom have chosen to PAY the shrink to insure their good standing.
              but please don't CRY like azbob and other losers have done at bworld in a cheap shot fashion when things don't work out.
              we took the knowledge we were given by the TOP and relayed that same info to the player. we were given misinformation/lies just like mw has admitted to.
              we were fooled like EVERYBODY else but that does not tarnish more than a bit our record of recommending books to players. people like azbob who have been around a long while have elephant balls crying the minute something costs him a few bucks.
              funny how it is rarely pointed out the thousands of happy players we have referred. how easily they forget.

              remember several things here that goes to integrity.
              1) rx sold 2 other doctors down the shitter to dave his own ass.

              2) bowmans has been chastised by rx writer sting repeatedly for no apparent reason and rx has backed it.
              3) rx sold bob at sos down the crapper "for the good of the player" when it was transparent.
              4) premiere league was sold down the crapper when they were in good hands and player were paid in full.

              watch who you follow.
              do we care? NO
              but we will watch and we will laugh at the assholes who follow the weak and strongly disrespected rx.


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                Wow Brian. Ace's gold goes under despite your assuring others everything is ok and you blame Azbob for pointing it out. You even have the gall to say he has "elephant balls".

                Screw you. I don't need to be associated with a site that abuses its posters like that - there is a lot more competition out there. I've made my last post at Bettorsworld.


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                  the facts speak for themselves. azbob has been a poster and visitor in bettorsworld from day 1.

                  he has been treated as such with the time he has been here taken into consideration.

                  now aces gold goes belly up despite no signs pointing to the other way and all assurances given to both jeff and i by charlie only days before he skipped.

                  now, here comes azbob with an agenda clearly in hand posting his sour grapes and accusatory remarks towards bworld, me and jeff.

                  and then here you are, a poster i never even heard of before claiming they have posted for the last time. when the hell was your first time?

                  the facts are as follows:
                  1) aces gold has gone belly up.
                  2) bworld has been in business for 6 years managing to maintain a list of quality books from 16 to 34 at a clip.
                  3) like everyone else, we could not see this coming and went right to the source for our info.
                  4) we cannot see the "book"-financial records of any books.
                  5) we have been and continue to be the most reliable source of sportsbook recommendations in the industry.
                  6) azbob should direct his misplaced anger towards aces gold and not the people that have been his friend for the last number of years.
                  7)please do what is in your best interest. we would not want to have anybody with the anger that people like azbob has to remain here. our site contains much more than a posting forum. we are onto other additional projects like we hope wherever you go you find happiness.


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                    Well I haven't checked in for a day or two and after my last note and your reply, I thought we both were discussing the issue in a reasonable manner. I was done with it.

                    I'm not sure, all of a sudden, where all of your references to me come from but, I don't deserve it and, if anyone reads my previous posts in this thread, they will agree that my comments were reasonable and not accusing you of anything. Who said I was angry at you anyway? What agenda do I have?

                    Like I said before, I've always been a big backer of the site and tried to contribute as well as benefit from the information here.

                    Thanks for the suggestion that I not post here anymore but, I didn't need the invitation.

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                      This is my first post but I know a few people here. I was only notified this morning about Aces and have sent out emails to get info and only received a few replies. I am interested in the client list and am also willing to help out clients that have lost money. I have been trying to figure out on how I can verify loses. If someone is interested in discussing possible refunds from my site I would need a bit of info like average bets average deposits and bets per week. i would then make individual offer and a refund schedule. I will follow the news and if it is possible to get a list of people who have suffered losses I will get in touch with them if they do not get in touch with me. Losses of under $500 will be easy to accomodate; Losses Over $500 can be discussed on a account by account basis. My site is and we have been around since December 98 and you will never have heard a negative comment about our site. Going into our 4 year we are pleased with our customer service and support. Other on this site that know me can vouch for my site if they please. I believe that we can better the royal offer. Try us
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                        i just read a statement at gambling911,that they have word that charlie never filed for bankrupcy,that he hired a lawyer to say that he had,they also state that all acesgoldcasino members that are owed money should call 0115999-463-4111, that is the curacao bankrupcy department.dont know if any of this helps.
                        according to gambling911,charlies real name is: "CHARLES WAYNE THERWHANGER"
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