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Bettorsworld/MajorWager Press Release

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  • Bettorsworld/MajorWager Press Release

    Bettorsworld/MajorWager Press Release
    Press release March 11, 2002 For immediate release

    Due to the very difficult situation offshore, BW and MW have reached an alliance that will prove very helpful for the players. We will be recommending that players review both lists regularly for changes and differences in opinion. None of us can be correct all of the time so the more information for the player, the better.

    In the future Bettorsworld and MajorWager will be working together to improve the safety for all players involved in the offshore industry.


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    WOW!!!!!-Glad you and MW finally collaboarated on somethong positive for all of us. Hope this is the first of many such endeavors for both of you.

    Over at the MW site they've posted a link to your list. You might want to reciprocate here.

    Best of luck to all who deserve it.



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      You hit the nail on the head. Anything short of cooperation is not fair to the players.

      We all have different contacts and associations in the industry that we rely on to formulate our opinions and those opinions will not always be the same.

      Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. I know I do unfortunately.

      Bottom line is that the industry needs to focus on going forward and improving things and everyone has to do their part.

      We are willing to do our part. Whatever it takes.

      Here's a link to Major Wagers list. It's linked from our list page as well.


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        This can only help. Kudos to both of you!


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          Hopefully, both parties are serious this time. The last thing we need is a repeat of the flaming these sites had recently.