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  • Judge Judy

    Myself and many others on this forum are waiting on your response to the comments you made about Rio Sports. We are waiting on facts you can provide about your comments. Thanks.

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    While we're at it, where did Checkers go?


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      hey steve, while we're waiting for the judge, let's pass the time. you make it sound like these books have wings and halos. don't get me going. i could rattle off a bunch of questions that i already know the answers too for alot of these books. including rio.
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        egg nog: I don't know shit about Rio Sports, but I don't believe in slaming anybody or anything without facts. If you have FACTS about several Sport Books why would you not post the FACTS on this board. If one of my Books would slow play me, not pay me, or give me bad service, I would sing like a bird with the FACTS.


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          still waiting judy.....


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  's pretty obvious that the good Judge isn't going to answer to the rumors. They would just fade away if they were allowed to drop to the bottom of the threads.

            It looks like you are trying to keep them close to the top, kinda makes it look like you want to keep the issue hot.