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PayPal...bigger scammers than any sportsbooks...

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    No. That is what is so frustrating. They asked for documents, never asking why, then they asked for others after I turned over the first batch.

    The closest thing to a "problem" is that I used my ATM card which is one of those dual ATM/Credit Cards tied into a checking account. ATM cards have different numbers on the card itself than the actual account number on the checks. But all atm cards are like that.

    So, in answer to your question, no, I have no clue what their problem is. I'm letting my lawyer handle it now. I get too angry and lose my temper. It's not healthy.`


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      Well, here's the latest. It's comical how they think they're god.

      They "decided" that my "appeal" to have my restriction lifted was turned down, they closed my account and now I must wait 180 days (6 months) and if there is no chargeback activity they will send a check to the address of record.

      Like I trust these flakes to remain open for six months. I'm continuing with my legal avenues. These losers MUST BE STOPPED!!!


      Still they won't provide a reason for all this activity. As far as I know it is arbitrary and random. This means it can happen to you and by all the replies to "Pay Pal Sucks" it will happen to you.

      Bettorsworld, you've always been my "guiding light" out there. I would strongly suggest you issue a "STOP USE" advisory in your reader's behalf.


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        Boomer, Check out the Offshore Insider box on the Breaking News page. Looks like PayPal might not need any more warnings.


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          I too have had nothing but problems with paypal. I just hope I can get my money back someday.


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            I feel this industry should take an anti pay pal stance. Some of these horror stories are too much to handle.

            Look at all the hoops the players have to jump through. First you have to worry about the book, then you have to worry about pay pal.

            At the very least players need to be made aware of the potential pitfalls of pay pal, even if some of these peoblems are not gambling related.


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              I've made multiple posts regarding Paypal at Majorwager as well as here and frankly all this is nothing new. In a nutshell, Paypal is a tremendous convenience for buyers. But, they wash their hands of any problems and heap the responsibility onto sellers. My acct. was "restricted" when a buyer used a stolen credit card for a charge. This was after many hundreds of successful transactions and after Paypal verified the credit card as being ok. The assumption by Paypal (when there's a problem) is almost always one in which either the buyer, the seller, or both are attemting to collude and defraud Paypal.

              This industry has zero leverage over Paypal as it accounts for a negligible % of Paypals revenues or transactions.


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                True, the industry has no control or leverage over pay pal but the industry does have the ability to help protect players from services like pay pal.

                I used the wrong wording. I meant take a stance in the sense of not accepting pay pal to rotect the player, not to hurt pay pal........