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** Important Notice From Pinnacle**

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  • ** Important Notice From Pinnacle**

    We are currently experiencing a serious degradation of our Internet Connectivity. Unfortunately it is out of our hands and into the hands of our Internet Provider who's employees have been working all night to locate and fix the problem.

    At this time we are using our backup Internet Connection which is just that, a backup. We are working with that provider to increase our bandwith on this backup connection in order to carry us through the day.

    You, as a trusted customer, may be able to play an important role in this crisis situation. We know that a lot of people visit our site on a regular basis to see where we stand on a particular game. This has the unfortunate effect of using up a fair amount of bandwidth for visits to the web site that don't result on a wager. Although we want people to visit our web site whenever they would like to do so it would be helpfull if visits are kept to a minimum.

    Management and Staff,
    Pinnacle Sports W