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  • Sportsbooks dont pay

    I'm a small-time player ($50 - $100 a game). I have used several offshore sportsbooks over the years and thought I found a good one. has a great internet interface, live scores, good deposit bonuses, and easy Neteller deposits and withdrawals.

    Their withdrawal policy states "A) In order to be able to withdraw more than winnings without losing bonuses and fees, Player must place in action an amount of no less than 5 times the deposit and bonus money combined. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in all bonuses being forfeited. If you chose to withdraw more than winnings before fulfilling the 5 time rollover, we will penalize your account by deducting the bonus, fees and a % of your winnings directly associated with the bonus you were given."

    5 times is a bit ridiculous, but nevertheless I did that. I deposited a mere $291 via Neteller. Bonuses brought it up to a balance of $330. So, I needed to risk $1,650.00 before I could collect more than winnings.

    Well, I did place $1,880.20 in action and my balance now stands at $474.00.

    I tried to collect on Monday, and when there was no money in my Neteller account on Tuesday, I gave them a call. I was told there was no money in their Neteller account and to try back on Wednesday. No problem - this has actually happened before, but the next day I was paid.

    Wednesday came, still no money. I called again and they said they could send some to me via PayPal ($150), so I figured that was better than nothing.

    Thursday - no money in Neteller or PayPal. I call back.

    Now I'm told that I can have the last deposit of $291 Western Unioned to me minus the $50 WesternUnion fee and my account will be closed. This is their policy, though it is not stated anywhere - if you close your account, you can only collect up to your last deposit.

    I am supposed to call back in 2 hours once their "finance department" opens, but I guess I'll have to take that. So, I'm out what little bit I did win if they ever send my original deposit.

    I'm going to try to keep $10 in my account (their minimum bet) and withdraw the rest - keeping my account open. I doubt this will work though.

    So, the bottom line is - DO NOT USE BETMEGA!!! They'll be happy to take your money right away, but you won't collect if you win.

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    Bobtheicon, I made a posting on Sept 09th, recommending the sportsbook I’ve been playing, go to

    I think that the best ways to gain the confidence of an offshore sports players is:
    #1 With there Pay Out system, how fast and smooth it is.
    #2 With there Customer Service, the way they treat customers is crucial.

    Advice: Stick to the books that have been tried and tested…

    Good Luck…!


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      Thanks Titan. But I have been doing some research now, and since theonlinebet is located in Costa Rica, I don't think I'll be using them. Although, they are probably good since I haven't seen them on any black list - like betmega (too late for me).

      'The following countries have lax standards, lack gaming commissions and
      are otherwise inferior to the countries in the preferred list

      Margarita Island (Venezuela)
      Costa Rica"

      Thanks anyway. I am considering They seem to be well established, but of course looks can be deceiving. Plus they are on the several recommended lists. Anybody have any dealings with them?

      I have read a lot about Pinnacle, but I REALLY like the convenience of Neteller. I don't think they accept Neteller.


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        Bob, what about the big guys like and/or, this guys are publicly traded in the London Stock Exchange. They are located in Costa Rica, but I don’t think they will BS people with that….!

        Thanks anyway for the tip, I’ll check the

        Good Luck…


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          BetMega was mired in financial problems early in baseball season this year, looks like they haven't gotten them all ironed out.

          I'm surprised they aren't on anyone's black list....the only thing I can say is that one guy there, Craig, was working hard to rectify a mess he had inherited. Maybe he's still working on it.


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            i have been using gameday for several years and highly recommend them. the tellers are easy to understand and i have never had problems getting through on their phone lines or website. their lines are not always the most favorable with regard to baseball but their football lines are very competitive with other books. most importantly I HAVE BEEN PAID 10-12 times without any problem or hassles.


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              Sorry to hear your troubles.

              Let me get this straight - you fufilled the rollover requirements and have requested a payout of $474.00, zeroing out your account.

              They offered $291, minus the $50 Western Union fee.

              One question - did they give you a bonus on the last deposit of $291?

              In the future, you would be well served to chose abook from the List
              As Always - Good Luck,



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       is excellent....what i like the most ist the payouts...always on time


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                  There are sportsbooks coming out of the walls now. This one sounds like it's owned by a movie rental store...


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                    What's coming out of the walls are the shills.

                    Blockbusterbets? Where did they come from? Why would you send your money to a place that is brand new when you can deal with shops that have been around for years and years.

                    I think I'm going to stop betting and go on the other side of the counter. I always knew the player pool was filled with nimrods, but I never realized it was that drastic.


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                        Can't go wrong with Pinnacle. Tried and tested. You've got to be more careful than ever these days when sending your money offshore. Do your homework!


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                          I requested a Neteller payout from Pinnacle at 11:30pm Sunday night through their website. By the time I logged off of Pinnacle and onto my Neteller account the money was already there. Less then 10 minutes. That's the way things should work everywhere.


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                            Just wanted to add...

                            Pinnacle's always been one of the best organizations out there. I don't think I ever had even one case where the money when requested wasn't in my account in more than 15 minutes after it was requested.

                            And I'm talking about more than ten occasions over the years.

                            Just remember though, for every one Pinnacle, there are 25 to 50 sportsbooks where you'll wind up begging for your money or waiting, waiting, waiting.

                            My short list of books to play with...Olympic, WWTS, Gibraltar, Royal, Post-Time, World Sports Exchange.

                            Aces Gold going under rocked my world but I still believe these books are safe.


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                              Must agree with Dragon on this post. Anytime a new poster comes out signing the prasies of a sports book, I think SHILL.
                              I know all new posters aren't shills, and don't be offended when we call you one, but till you have posted here for a while, Regulars on this site will be very cautious concerning your post.

                              I sell advetising on my Web Site, score phones and free pick phones to Pinnacle and Royal. But, I don't hide the fact that I do. They are both long term reputible Books.