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    NASA is sponsoring a segment on Howard Stern every Friday where participants from the show, including a monkee, pick a game against the spread with the winner taking home 25k.

    Someone ought to call Howard and explain that they probably won't pay the winner!

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    That's probably not a big draw to get customers...although the prize would entice people. It's so hard to get radio ads to work for Internet purposes. People aren't sitting in their cars with pencils and paper.

    Howard would like it if they didn't pay...he's have something else to scream about.


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      I know a couple of books that had tried to get on Howard's show directly in the past and they wouldn't take the sportsbook business. Are these ads just during that segment of his show or is Howard actually talking about them live?


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        Blowfish, if you listen to Howard, you must watcj Jerry Springer also.


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          They had one of those online casinos, I think sports palace, or something like that, for the longest time. They gave away all kinds of cash and even sponsored a big thing in Vegas. So I assume the door is open on the Stern show for sportsbooks.


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            Is Jerry Springer still on? If so, what channel!!


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              If there's something I've never got to grips with in this industry it's this entire mess concerning NASA. Last time I heard there was a good nasa and a bad nasa, and that one was trying to impersonate the other. I've also heard from a very good source that one of the nasa books (which one, I'll probably never know) is one of the biggest books in the industry. Either way, I'm staying away from both...


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                Big Nasa is - and they are the ones that throw out professional players and I think they had an issue with paying out a large parlay win not too long ago.

                Little Nasa is and they USED to be one Nasa, two brothers that had a fight I think. Little Nasa isn't little by any means, it's just a nickname. They aren't known for the best customer service in the world, but I think they are both okay for the small every day player.


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                  It was two partners....

                  The original NASA was in Antigua.

                  When the partners split up, they both kept the name.

                  The problem with "big" NASA is there are at least two instances of flat out not paying someone.

                  One was a parlay and the other was Billy Walters.

                  There's nothing wrong with throwing a player out or refusing to take action from him but of course, there's a huge problem with taking the bets and then not paying when you lose.

                  That's the stigma that will always be attached to NASA....


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                    $20 MILLION on ads for the New York area??? That seems out of control even for a large scale operation. No way they can get a return on that.


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                      Yeah, they probably reach alot of people who could care less about playing and would never sign up. Advertising on taxi cabs in new york certainly isn't targeted.

                      But I will say, any time I talk with someone who doesn't play and doesn't care about this industry in anyway, yet are aware of it, NASA is usually the book they have heard of.....