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Bet Mega Is Stiffing Me

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  • Bet Mega Is Stiffing Me

    Bet Mega has stiffed me for the last 2 weeks. I have never been stiffed or ripped off before. Does anybody have any advise on what i should do. I called the office and they told me that i should be paid by next week but they have no way of guaranting their claim. I appreciate all advise

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    Bet Mega has been having cash flow problems since spring. Their one guy, Craig I think it was, came in and said that he had inherited a big mess and was sorting it out and doing the best he can. A bunch of key employees had jumped ship long ago.

    I'd guess that them saying that you will be paid by next week is their way of saying "we need to get more cash in the door, then we'll pay you". Doesn't sound like football has done much for them.

    It's a situation that probably won't get better. Get your money and get out to a solid out. If they continue to get the runaround, Jeff can probably help you get your cash. Maybe not all of it (don't know the payout amount, I'd hope it was substantial if they are stalling you for so long) but at least a settlement!


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      Jeff can you please help me! Do you know these guys?


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        email me the info and we'll see what happens....

        [email protected]


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          mega is a total joke

          Betmega has stiffed almost everyone. The bosses r no where to be found, the kid gene knows about computers and nothing else and was thrown into doin everything when all managers quit. They have no intensions of ever paying so move on. I was stiffed 6 months ago for just a couple of dimes and they r the main reason i will NEVER post up $ again. Dont believe what u read on these post forums b/c thats how i got hooked up with them in the 1st place. I dont even try and call there for my $ anymore. The lyin and the cheating that comes from this place is surreal.


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            You've had one bad post-up experience and you're going to never play again? If you bounce a check do you expect the bank to never take your business again? If you fall down while learning to ride a bike will you never try it again?

            There are a lot of good places to play (and while BetMega isn't one of them anymore), you can't judge an industry by one company. I guess you're never investing in the stock market after the recent criminal activity there.

            You are entitled to your opinion of course and I'd hope that everyone here doesn't believe everything they read, but this is still a good place to at least get information!


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              I agree, we all need to share the GOOD houses, my top choice is Diamond, phones are never busy, great internet sites, great props, all gimmicks, teasers and pleasers. Honest and fair, anytime I need to speak to a supervisor i was satisfied. Anyone else use diamond?


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                Diamond is part of the family I think---a.k.a Little Nasa.

                I've heard some complaints about the amount of cold calling they do, but other than that, they seem to be fine.