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English Sports Betting (ESB) Still Lies & Doesn't Pay

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  • English Sports Betting (ESB) Still Lies & Doesn't Pay

    I have received three bad checks that bounced from ESB. They also refused to send replacement checks. I am still awaiting a $950 payout from April (6 months ago) and a $500 payout from September. They have promised at least 20 times that the money would be sent tomorrow (ha,ha). ESB even gave me an invalid Federal Express tracking number. This used to be a decent company and I foolishly believed they would turn things around.

    NEVER send any money to ESB no matter how good the bonus seems!

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    How do these guys keep lying and cheating for all this time and no one gives them the publicity the other cheats and stiffs have gotten??

    Do they offer Western Union or NETeller? I'd get whatever money I could from them and get far far away.


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      ESB- The reason people don't slam em

      The main reason they are not slammed is the so called watch dog at this site(Tom Somach or his made up name Raj Vishnu), used to be employed by them. They ESB and Tom live in the same town and Tom used to use his real name when he wrote for the Las Vegas Sporting News. I hope that helps to tell why they are not crucified here. Also take note, the owners of ESB are spending all their money defending themselves in Federal Court. Anyone who plays at ESB is uninformed.


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        I don't think Raj Vishnu/Tom Somach/whomever is a watchdog of any sort. He just writes. But at any rate, I read a lot of sites and I don't see them being bashed anywhere.

        Are they still fighting in court? I thought that was over and done with. Where are they still fighting?

        They haven't been recommended anywhere for awhile. I'm rather shocked their bad reputation hasn't already put them under completely.


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          I hadn't heard anything about ESB for so long that I thought they faded into obscurity where they deserve to be. I had problems with their Customer Service years ago and haven't used them since.


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            If they're a stiff - holler lound and long, I don't care who Raj Vishnu is or who he is associated with; you can bet BW isn't doing anything to suppress the truth.
            As Always - Good Luck,