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    Mr. Ido Raviv and His views on the Industry

    Net Games Inc. (Yahoops,, is one of the leading Gaming companies on the Internet. Since its official launch in 2000, over 30,000 people from more than 70 countries worldwide have experienced our exciting gaming action on the Internet.

    (Yahoops has everything you could want and need in a Sportsbook.
    They have received glowing praise for their Privacy and Security Policies, State-of-the-Art Technology, Guaranteed Fast Payouts and their commitment to Customer Care.

    Due to the favorable off-shore status of Belize they legally offer their customers tax free betting in accordance with the Belize Export Processing Zone Act with a Certificate of Compliance.
    Belize has some of the strictest gambling legislation in existence anywhere in the world,
    means that you can bet in total confidence with us. Net Games Inc. employs friendly customer support who are all available 24/7, in many different languages. Our Support Department is renowned for their efficiency and dedication to the servicing of our clients.
    We recently talked with Ido about his company, the industry and the offshore environment in general. This is what this savvy entrepreneur had to say:

    BWorld: The Net Games Family has been around for a few years now, and started out by developing their own software from scratch. You were an integral part of this development process (that is always a work in process to keep up with technology). How did you get the vision to start this venture and has it evolved as you had hoped?

    IR: Yahoops has grown faster than I could ever have hoped. Our software developers at NetGames, Inc. have made huge strides in developing a casino, lottery, and in further developing our sportsbook software to take bets on American Sports. Take a look at our hockey lines, for instance. We offer three wagering options on every hockey game every day. We off an American Line, a Canadian Line and the total all on one screen. You won’t find sportsbook software that is any easier to use anywhere in the world.

    BWorld: Your operation has been growing exponentially, first with the World Cup success, the with the addition of other American sports and events. The launch of your casino has also been a key addition. That is a lot of activity in a short amount of time. You must have a pretty solid business growth plan in place to keep up with the pace and to maintain the level of service you have become known for. What can you tell us about your strategic plan that got you where you are and what your plans are moving forward?

    IR: The International soccer market is a huge part of our business. We will continue to offer more soccer wagering options than anyone else on the Internet and will be pursing the American market, seeking to educate them about the benefits of soccer wagering. Our goal has always been the same since day one. Offer the most wagering options possible, offer the best customer service and the fastest payouts and you’ll keep your customers. We plan on officially launching our financial wagering market in the next few weeks. Customers will be able to be on the stock market LIVE—in other words they will be able to bet on the ups and downs in the market and even buy action points on the moves.

    BWorld: Even though football season is well underway, the industry has been thrown into turmoil due to current legislation being proposed in the U.S., Nevada’s opposition to legalized Internet Gambling, and the recent announcement in Costa Rica of the tax that will be levied on each computer terminal used for Internet gambling. You are a key figure in the industry….what are your thoughts on these events and how they will affect the short and long-term status of the industry?

    IR: A lot of people have expressed interest in moving to Belize should the tax pass. Belize is well equipped to house sportsbooks. When we were organizing Yahoops, we had to make a decision between Costa Rica and Belize and our lawyers advised us to go with Belize because of the political relationship between Costa Rica and the United States. It has been a good choice and we are happy with the environment in Belize. We share the same office building as Carib Sports and we have no complaints.

    BWorld: started out offering mainly basketball betting for its customers. What made you to revamp the software and the entire site to accommodate the other American sports? Do you feel that the American sports betting environment is a different animal than the rest of the world?

    IR: We decided that in order to remain competitive in the industry we had to offer the widest range of wagering options possible. We had already developed our own software and wanted to continue to expand that concept because of the easy-to-use interface. Americans are primarily interested in betting on football. You won’t see an American betting on soccer unless there isn’t anything else to bet on. Yahoops offers all American sports and caters to the American market, where caters to the International community. The NetGames Family offers something for everyone.

    BWorld: What is doing to expand their deposit and withdrawal options in light of the recent credit card crackdowns and the announcements made by some U.S. banks that they will not be allowing gaming charges even on debit cards?

    We use a credit card processing company in Germany that has produced wonderful results when it comes to the credit card problem developing in the United States. We get a daily report and any credit cards that have been declined for reasons other than insufficient funds we E-mail them personally and offer them a special bonus to encourage them to come on board using another funding method. We offer NETeller (very popular among American bettors), Secure-Buxx, Western Union, credit cards and a host of other deposit options. There is something for everyone. We are always searching for new payment methods and are even offering a method for our European customers where they can have their cell phone bill charged for the betting services.
    To summarize, I would like to state our Corporate Policy:

    Our Mission is to be the best gaming company in the world, as measured by number of Members and Member satisfaction.

    Our Purpose is to provide quality entertainment to people who enjoy gambling, by giving
    them the opportunity to do so in a safe, fun, fair, regulated and secure environment.

    At Net Games Inc. we believe that the only way we can sustain our success is by focusing on the founding principles of our organization: to treat our Members the same way we would expect to be treated. Maximum confidentiality and security are our top priority. We spare no effort and expense in order to provide our Members with a secure, fair and friendly environment. We have implemented the most up-to-date encryption and data protection methods and standards.

    Bettorsworld is extremely pleased to have on board as a sponsor. They not only have developed a first-rate reputation, but are known as an innovator and as an advocate for the industry. Their limits are generous ($4,000 on sides, $2,000 on totals) and they offer generous sign-up bonuses!

    On top of all that, Ido has a challenge for all Bettorsworld readers……Visit their site ( and check out their Live Help feature. If at ANY time you click on Live Help and you do not get a response, Let Mr. Ido Raviv know and you will receive a $100 free betting account!! Check it out today. Let’s keep their Customer Service on their toes!

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    Would BW care to comment on why Yahoops is on their “list” but over at MW, Yahoops is in the “stockade” ?


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      There was apparently a dispute about a customer from another country (Malaysia) and identification concerning a payout. This issue has been resolved for some time and is no longer a problem.

      You will have to contact MW for their reasons. We have received no complaints about Yahoops or any of the NetGames books.


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        Are the limits stated above only for squares, or for all players?


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          I think if you get Ido himself on the phone, (and he is usually around) you can get just about anything done. They are a solid place that offers a lot of their own stuff. They don't seem to just be following what everyone else is doing.