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Why I respect Bettors World…!!!

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  • Why I respect Bettors World…!!!

    Let me tell you all that I have no relation with anyone at BW, I’m just a reader of the posting in this particular forum same as I read others.

    I like BW b/c it is educative, people here talks about topics that really matter like lines, games or sports.
    The people who post here are VERY RESPECTFUL to the reader, very important.
    When they want to make there point they have good arguments and they don’t make up stories to damage anyone, but to get to the bottom of any given situation.

    Yesterday was sad to read postings in other forum where 2 guys where trying to literally damage the reputation of a company and the worst of all is that after 17 postings they realized that they were pointing the wrong side, they were mistaken companies.

    BW staff congratulations for having such a clean, educative forum and quality on your postings…!!!

    Is there some else agrees with me ???

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    I agree. Some of these posting forums are like a high school girls club. At least here it's all sportsbetting and sports betting related stuff. I don't really care what's on CNN or whatever. If I want world news, I'll turn on the tv.


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      The occasional fight or some gossip can be entertaining but it is bad for the industry in general. Unless it is a situation that affects players as a whole there is no need to air dirty laundry on a public posting forum.

      No site is perfect, and it may be true that there are no TRUE watchdogs in the industry, but it seems like the SEC wasn't exactly doing their job either.

      Caveat Emptor


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        Mr. blowfish what is a true watchdog?