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  • Stardust Has Big Balls

    I have to give Stardust credit for big balls. He took a whack at several BW advertisers who are one the list over customer service. In the same breath he says another service won't answer his e-mails but they give good customer service over the telephone. I guess I have been lucky to never have any customer service problems with the many off-shore places I have played. Sure at times I have had trouble understanding some operators, but I just call back and get somone I can understand. Also, I am not a crunch time player who call or logs on at the last minute expecting everthing to be perfect.

    Stardust copy a post off of another site, Mad Jack, a BW imposter, to make his point. I have reprinted below. I also printed another post, wonder why he didn't chose this one, where several people are saying good things about Pinnacle. Strange he took the one post.

    Pinnacle Customer Service
    Does anyone ever notice that you can't get a straight answer from Pinnacle when you email them? If you ask them a question they'll send you the section of the guidebook that relates to the sport you are inquiring about even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the question. Then when you inform them that the answer isn't helpful they'll send you a standard letter stating
    "The answer is not apparent and will require some research. We'll get back to you." or something like that.

    Just once I would love to get an answer to a question without having to go through 20 different channels to get it and they don't have a 1800 number.


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    What sportbook do you recommend above all others?
    I just did a trial run with MVP, and have decided to move my money elsewhere. Ive tried First Fidelity, WWTS, and SIA, and was wondering who else you would recommend I try out? What sportbooks have you heard good things about?

    Has anyone heard any good or bad stuff about Carib?
    What about Gibraltar?
    What about


    "If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm."
    Vince Lombardi

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    10-06-2002 06:22 PM


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    no bells and whistles and bs....

    but i would have funded accounts at these offshores if i was a player these days:

    in no order of any stature.


    above statement is in light of payment schedule, line avaib.
    software accep. and solid all around.

    just a players opinion, nothing else..


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    10-06-2002 06:35 PM

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    Hands down Olympic should be on your list.

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    10-07-2002 03:18 AM

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    Olympic is who I went with! thanks........

    "If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm."
    Vince Lombardi

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    10-07-2002 06:40 AM

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    UT.............Too bad we cant combine Carib(cust. service & site sign on speed) with Pinnacle's very favorable odds (less vig) & Olympic's easy functioning software. I am sure thre are other fine sites, but those 3 would get my vote. While I like Olympic,the odds lines are a bit rough sometimes.
    I would not even consider MVP, NASA ( among others) & SIA...............THE HITMAN

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    10-07-2002 12:20 PM


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    Maybe too little too late, but OLYMPIC is by far the best. Within 5 minutes of the game going final maximum, your account is updated. It is easy and there's plently of action (too much lol).

    I started off on World Sports Exchange and moved to VIP Sports and then Olympic. WSEX is ok, but not much action and if you bet a game after 10 EST you won't get it updated (most likely) until the next day.... plus, not very much action, although WSEX was very easy to use.

    VIP Sports IMO was just poor poor poor. Hard to get around on and cumbersome.

    Olympic is the best IMO because of the quick anytime update to your account, but the thing that is the best is it will give you second half NBA totals every night on every game. Same is true for college basketball totals when totals are offered, but certainly a second half line. WSEX and other books only give second half totals (that I know of) on tv games in the NBA. NBA totals are my bread and butter, so I am thrilled with Olympic!

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    10-07-2002 01:21 PM

    Green is good!

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    OLYMPIC -- most betting options on the planet

    PINNACLE -- low juice, some of the best lines for the player

    CARIB -- excellent props; easy-to-use software

    BETROYAL -- the best all-around customer service, and friendliest clerks; great bonuses

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    10-07-2002 02:11 PM

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    Highly recommend Carib been with them for 4 years, also with Pinnacle and Olympic never had a problem with either. Pinnacle best for baseball.

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    10-07-2002 06:53 PM

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    Surprise that nobody mentioned Canbet. It is backed by the Australian government which means your money is safe. It is easy to bet and they offer a huge variety of plays. I have NEVER had a problem logging in and wagering even right before kick-off. However, they offer no bonuses of any type. Their parlay prices are good and straight bets go at -107 which could make a difference in a year's time.

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    Hey Steve

    I chose that post because it is typical of players that use Pinnacle. Yes - they have great lines - every player agrees. Solid? By all accounts they are. But everyone also agrees that their customer service is the worst. For every post that says Pinnacle has great lines, I can find 5 that says the CS is terrible.

    Right - I copied it from MadJack, but didn't include a link because they have a "no link policy." That's to say, I can't go there and link to a post at BW, so I'm not sending them traffic. I think the guy is more interested in building his fifedom than anything else. But you can find the same Pnnacle complaints at BW, MW, etc.

    I played at Pinnacle, I had a first hand experience with them and it isn't worth the aggravation (for me anyway). Now if I was a big player, maybe the CS would be better, but I am small potatoes, so I'll pass on the great lines because their CS is non-existent.

    Intertops - too big and they don't need every player, so the don't respond to questions and what have you. They have the volume of squares playing there and won't miss my paltry post up. They also have a habit of booting winners - and that to me is the cardinal sin of sportsbooks.

    BoDog - another one that I wouldn't play at - they ran a banner add last summer I think about some 6K give away. I'll bet 10 emails went unanswered. No one could even tell me what the 6K give away was about.

    To tell you the truth, I am not a guy that needs a lot of CS. I'll bet that in the last 5 years, I asked WSEX to cancel two wagers I made by mistake - only 2 minutes after I made them and they did, but told me to be careful in the future. Sure WSEX could be better about answering their email, but calling is a sure way to resolve any problem you may have.

    I asked Carib what the policy was regarding reload bonuses and got a prompt response - like less than 10 minutes using their "memo" feature for members.

    I had to call Royal because I was unable to register for their contest and they registered me while I was on the phone. I think I also had to call them once on a log-in problem and the fixed it pronto.

    I guess the point, for me anyway, is that while I am not a player that calls books frequently, when I do need help I want someone to respond.

    Pinnacle hasn't even got a phone number on their web site - another thing the players complain about when describing Pinnacle "customer service." They are sending the players a clear message - don't contact us!

    When playing at Pinnacle, the players that stay decide that they get great lines at the expense of customer service and accept that deal - fine.

    I call them as I see them Steve, whether they are a BW advertiser or not - matters not to me. If you do a search through my posts you'll find that there are some BW sponsors, that while solid, will never see any post up money from me - for a variety of reason. They boot winners, deal dual lines, whatever . . . .

    If the day comes when I can't express an honest opinion here at BW, I'll be conspicuous by my abscence.

    You know if Pinnacle addressed the complaints about their CS, or more accurately the lack thereof, they would improve greatly as an out. Maybe guys like me that stay away because of the CS issues would post up and they would actually grow. Isn't that the idea behind any business? In a sense, these forums and complaints serve as feedback to books wanting to attract players.

    But Pinnaclce has done nothing that I am aware of to address issues raised by players, so the message is loud and clear - this is it and if you can stand the great lines and lousy CS stay - otherwise take your money and go away.
    As Always - Good Luck,



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      Stardust, as I said, you have big balls which I like. One quote from your recent post, "But everyone also agrees that their customer service is the worst". No everyone dosen't agree. Think about that>EVERYONE. I can tell by your post that you are a very intelligent individual, but that is a dumb statement.

      Thru my advertisements Pinnacle has signed up over 350 players the last 3 years. During that time period, I have had 1 complaint about Pinnacle. For your information it wasn't about customer service.

      ps: I would like to hear from Jeff of BW on his experience with customer service at Pinnacle. I know that Jeff does play there. Again keep posting Stardust, I like your attitude.


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        Maybe it's just a big mouth I have

        Steve you got me on the EVERYONE statement. One person who hasn't got a problem disproves that statement. Point taken.

        350 sign ups? Holy hell man you must get some fat check from them. I wish I did as well, but avoid affiliate programs because tracking is an issue.

        My take on Pinnacle is as I've said - great prices, solid out, CS leaves a lot to be desired.

        I'm guessing that most players haven't a great need for CS; they place their wagers and that's it. For those people - Pinnacle is a great out. For others who, for whatever reason, need some CS, Pinnacle will fall short of their expectations.

        If I had 50 dimes to play with, I'd give some action to them; but since that isn't the case, I'll stick to my other outs.
        As Always - Good Luck,



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          I just sell advertising to Pinnacle and Royal. If people sign-up thru my advertising I don't get paid any extra. I hope they win because I get paid either way.


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            I personally have never had a customer service issue with Pinnacle.

            I tend to be a low maintenance customer. The less I have to deal with any books customer service the better. (there are some terrible ones)

            Pinnacle has been good with me. Transfers, email response, etc. Never a problem.