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    I was at the OU/Tx game in Dallas and these really hot babes gave me a card for a $100 free bet. They were hotter than Dallas, and their boobs were bigger than Dallas, so I followed them to their RV and signed up for the free bet and drank some of their keg beer. The deal was you pick either OU or Tx using the spread and if you win you win $100. If you lose you didn't lose anything. The catch was that if you win you had to send them $100 to claim the $100 you won. Then you could use the account anyway you wanted including pulling your money out right after sending it. The state fair officials (where OU/TX play every year) said they didn't have a permit to do what they were doing so the plug got pulled on their promotion I suspect, I left before it came to a conclusion. Anyway, my point is that they had lots of nice babes and said they had really awsome VIP partys every so often where the girls outnumber the guys bigtime and don't believe in much clothes as I witnessed. If anyone can give me a shred of credibility to this outfit I'll send em at least something just to get invited to one of their partys. Its called By the way I lost my promoton bet.

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    I can't speak about the credibility of vipgamingworld, however I wish these places would realize that going to college and pro sporting events and handing out flyers and bringing rv's to promote their business is just plain STUPID and will only do more harm than good to this industry.