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New Age Bets closed?

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  • New Age Bets closed?

    If anyone knows of NAB closing, let me know. I cannot get on their website, no one answers the phone. they have my money.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think they're done.

    Someone may be formulating a bailout plan.

    As Always - Good Luck,



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      New Age Bets? Why do you think they are struggling?

      I also have an account with New AGE they have been the best book Ive had so far. I also today have not been able to reach them via WEB site or the various phone numbers. I would be shocked if they went under in one day! What is the story? Scorpian why do you think they went under? what is your evidence? is it a hunch? thanks!


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        Yes they are done. This has been known for weeks. GO to prescription they have a NAB thread, also look around in the offshore thread you will see all sorts of things about them. Sorry, but if you have money in there, looks like you got screwed.


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          CJR and OSHA- NAB has officially closed its website. They are bankrupt. Finito.They owed around half a million to their customers and could not pay. There have been attempts at tranfer of account balances with various other sportsbooks with little success. One book, however, Don Best, was rumored a taker but the deal is ridiculous- say NAB owes you $1500, you were to put up another $1500 with DB, get a 100 % bonus(whoopee!), giving you a balance of $3000! Sound good? Sure, but the bad part of the deal is you have to roll it over 25X before you can request a single cent in way of a payout! That means you have to give them $60,000 dollars worth of action before you can collect anything. I dont have to tell you that is financial suicide. But- its your money and if thats the only way out you might consider taking the deal. Good luck. I dont know for sure whether this deal actually can be done, I got my money out one week before they went under (whew), but you might contact Don Best and see what happens. Good luck.


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            Sorry I meant 20X. Good luck guys.


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              thanks to everyone who replied to my question. I'll stop payment on my last deposit and just lose the winnings i had.


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                I don't believe that there is a Don Best sportsbook. Do you mean a sportsbook listed on the Don Best feed?
                The only book I'm aware of that is offering anything at the moment is Majorbetting. Their offer is the one described above a 25x rollover (20x if you deposit by succurebuxx). I'm a little leary of them being as I think they were related in some way to NAB at one time. I see them above as an advertiser but they seem to have been removed from the List.
                Does anyone else know of any other offers?


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                  new age bets

                  i just called Don Best and they claim they have never really heard of New Age Bets and they do not know anything about them goig out of business. They claim the off shore book on their page listed as NAB is not the same New Age Bets but is something called Catilina Sports. Can someone clarify what the relationship between New Age Bets and NAB and Catilina is? Also New Age Bets are answering the phones today! They say "Sports" and then when you talk they basically hang up on you? Something fishy. Call them and try 1-800-976-1737 1-800-976-1737, these are the old wagering lines for phone wagering. There is at least 4 different people who have picked up the phone.

                  What about a place like Olympic or another big bedrock of the industry comming in with an offer to help the New Age Bets customers?

                  Lets share as much info as possible so we can help as many loyal customers as possible.

                  Also I think, please correct me if Im wrong, that New Age BETS had a TAB on this page! Bettorsworld. That is how I found them and signed up. I though Bettorsworld had some policy to help customers recover from bad companies that was an advertised here?

                  Im shocked there is not more chat and frustration with this news.

                  good luck this weekend players!


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                    whoever answered the phone at don best is full of shit. they know damn well who new age bets is because its the same book that WAS on their screen. new age bets was 2 former partners from skybook. they split up. one partner went to merge with margarita (another book on thin ice, now called catalina) catalina will be the next book on don best to go under. they were stiffing people as recently as 2 months ago. as for olympic, they have their own problems. any bail out by them with new age bets would put them over the edge.
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                      welcome back egg nog. long time no see/hear!


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                        Mr. Eggnog welcome back. If I remember you are the opposite of Will Rogers. You never met a man you liked. Still glad your back and I do enjoy your posts.

                        Now, I know before I ask, that I won't get an answer, but what troubles does Olympic have? It is a bad time in the industry to have loose lips without evidence. Again, glad your back.


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                          How can Don Best not have heard of NAB? Were they not on the feed at one point?