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  • Current Status New Age Bets

    Could somebody give specifics on what phone numbers to call or WEB sites to visit for any sports books considering helping loyal New Age Bet Clients who seem to be out of luck.

    Is there any sportsbooks with a deal and how do you access it? What do you ask for and how do you confirm you NAB account status (active and pending wagers) when that WEB site is down and not working?

    Could people in the know also specualte on any additional rumors for the Costa Rica sports books on any buyouts, arrangements.

    Could anyone comment on the NAB operators and their desire to pay off people even if it is a long slow process?


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    We have contacted our Bettorsworld Sponsors and are going to try and put together a bailout plan. As soon as we have anything put together we will let all our Bettorsworld readers know.

    In the meantime if you have any problems or situations you would like to make us aware of please E-mail Us with the amount of your New Age Bets Account and your account number there and we will see what we can do. Also let us know if you have a current account with any of our sponsors and we can try to work one on one to resolve the situation.

    We'll do the best that we can.


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      I've heard that MajorBetting was supposed to take over some of the NAB accounts, but I am not hundred percent sure.


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        NEw AGE BETS - Bettorsworld

        Bettorsworld. any updates on your work to see what sportsbooks might offer soemthing to loyal customers of NAB?

        Just checking in. You had kindly stated that you would post something if you knew anything!

        Keep trying!

        Thanks bettorsworld!!