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  • Question about a number of books

    I have done a good deal of wagering, but am now beginning to up my stakes. I am trying to determine which books are very safe and which are not very safe. Basically I am looking for books where I can securely keep $3-5K. I have paired down a list of about 600 books by using personal experience, recommendations, interface, location, etc. I would not post this list if I had not put a lot of work into it, but after about 40 hours, I am ready to take final opinions - that is how we all learn.

    At this point I have the following list (with my comments). I would absolutely love comments about these books - both positive and negative regarding payouts, action they tolerate, any problems in the past, etc. You are welcome to post them here (Which would be best) or if you prefer, send them to . Thanks a bunch.

    Betwwts Antigua
    Caribsports Antigua
    Intertops Antigua
    Wsex Antigua

    I know nothing about Antigua regulations, but have heard nothing but good things about these four books.

    Betaustralia Australia
    Canbet Australia
    Centrebet Australia
    Multibet Australia
    Tattsbet Australia

    I have not heard much about these books except Canbet (All positive) but I know that Australia is a very safe place to wager as books must keep all players' money in separate accounts.

    Cascade Belize

    This book offers great lines and I know a number of people that use it, but have also heard some concerns about financing. Any opinion?

    Sportsinteraction Canada
    Wagerstreet Canada

    The Indian Reservations concern me. I've had good experiences with Wagerstreet. Never used Sportsinteraction, but have heard of slow pay outs.

    Oasiscasino Caracao
    Homebets Coracao

    I know nothing about regulations in Coracao. Oasiscasino has always paid me promptly ($1000-4000) Dont know much about Homebets. Would love info.

    5dimes Costa Rica
    Australiacasino Costa Rica
    Betcbs Costa Rica
    Betcris Costa Rica
    Betonsports Costa Rica
    Bodog Costa Rica
    Clickandbet Costa Rica
    Gotocasino Costa Rica
    Hollywoodsportsbook Costa Rica
    Iisportsbook Costa Rica
    Jagsportsbet Costa Rica
    Millsports Costa Rica
    MVPsportsbook Costa Rica
    Skybook Costa Rica
    Thebigbook Costa Rica

    Yikes... That is a lot of them in Costa Rica. I have read about raids in Costa Rica. Is this still a concern or a thing of the past? I have used Betcbs and have always been paid within a day or two ($2000-5000). Gotocasino has always paid me promptly. Would love to hear about any of these - experiences good and bad.

    Thegreek Jamaica

    Have heard great things about this book. Know very little about Jamaica Regulations. Any opinions?

    Pinnacle Netherlands Antilles
    Vipsportsbook Netherlands Antilles

    I am very comfortable with Pinnacle. I know very little about VIP but have heard good things... Opinions?

    Bet365 UK
    Bowmans UK
    Ladbrokes UK
    Sportingbetusa UK

    I know the UK is a relatively safe place to wager. Bet365 has always paid me promptly. I have heard good things abotu Bowmands and Sportingbetusa but have not played there. Ladbrokes is own by Hilton and I assume safe. Any comments?


    I don't know where these are. Bettherock paid me $5000 promptly after last years superbowl via wire. Have heard good things about Jerry's but have not played there. Opinions?

    Thanks a bunch everyone. Your posts here should make it safer for everyone to wager.

    Good luck.


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    there is not better book than world sports exchange. some are as good, but it is definitely safe and reliable. any book with large matching bonuses and what not are a poor choice imo

    luck to all


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      First off, I would stick to The List .

      Second, I have used, and had good experiences with:


      I think all the above are top-notch, solid books with good customer service, fair lines and reduced juice - depending on when you wager (except Olympic and WSEX).

      Carib - 2% on Tuesdays
      Royal - 5% on Friday nights
      Canbet - 7% all the time

      Hope that helps . . . . .
      As Always - Good Luck,



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        I wouldn't get caught up with the regulation end of things. There is no regulation.

        Sure. Australia and England are "regulated" or at least the books there operate with the blessing of the government, but should one of them fail, it's no different than if a carribean book fails. (This has yet to come to play in Aus, but has played out in the UK, and it hurts just as much to get stiffed by a uk book as it does a carribean book)

        The LIST is our opinion of the very best books out there. Check it out. There are two pages. Click the link on top.

        Books not on the list, that you mentioned that are good books would be :

        william hill
        Centrebet Australia
        Multibet Australia
        Tattsbet Australia

        Feel free to contact us at if you have any specific questions.


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          Sean, THE LIST. No country has backed up a sport book that went belly-up in any country. Some countries have regulations about players post up money, but I assure you most books don't follow the guide line rules.

          I know there is some good books in Costa Rico, but I laugh everytime I see a book advetised they are licensed by the Costa Rico Government. There are no gambling regulations in Costa Rico and there are no Gambling license in Costa Rico. They buy a real cheap computer license.

          I think if the Feds ever go somewhere to squash books it will be in Costa Rico and Antigua. Small banana Republics. I don't think the Feds have the balls to mess with Canada, Austrilla, Dutch, English.


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            William Hill is somewhat of a joke. They cut limits to the point of making it not even worthwhile to open up with them. Two thumbs down.