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Who do you like in the Lingerie Bowl ??

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  • Who do you like in the Lingerie Bowl ??

    Who do you like in the Lingerie Bowl ??

    There's the pink team and the blue team. The Pink team has really hot chicks and the blue team has really really hot chicks. Man this is a hard choice.

    I'm chrunching numbers and looking at the line so I'll be back later with my pick.

    Nikki Ziering will QB Team Dream while Angie Everhart gets the call for Team Euphoria. Look for Ziering to put the ball up and for the Dream while Everhart will concentrate on the running game. Tits and ass will fly but I'll side with Nikki to pull this one out.

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    Rule #1... always bet against the pink team


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      Top 10 things overheard in the locker room at the Lingerie Bowl:

      10. "Remember, we're wearing the alternate dark bras today with the throw-back panties."

      9. "Coach wants to see you in his office. And bring your catalogue."

      8. "Damn, I hate playing in Green Bay in December."

      7. "Coach, I CAN'T wear Victoria's Secret! I have an exclusive endorsement deal with La Perla!"

      6. "How many times do I have to tell you? Laces out! Laces out!"

      5. "That other team is nothing but a bunch of pantywaists!"

      4. "Hey, great bra! Is that the new Air Chastain or the Wonder Hamm?"

      3. "Call me old-school, but that girl couldn't carry Heidi Klum's G-string!"

      2. "New Orleans oughtto have a great Lingerie team -- half their players are men."

      1. "Those girls on the other team pull their fishnet stockings on one leg at a time, the same as us!"


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        If I were the Coach.........

        I'd definately take the "HANDS ON" approach with my team! Only problem is, I'd have a HARD time finding the right "TIGHT END."