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# 1 Illinois vs # 22 Cincinnati New Years Eve

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  • # 1 Illinois vs # 22 Cincinnati New Years Eve

    You can bet that Cincinnati remembers the 92-68 pasting the Illini put on the them 2nd round NCAA dance after alot of jaw jacking by the bearcats before game time.

    Expeiremental rules are in effect for the Las Vegas Holiday Tourney, which includes:

    3 point line extended to 20" 6" from 19' 9".

    Free Throw land widened by 1 1/2 feet each side (NBA length)

    An Arc drawn 2 feet from the center of the hoop to assist in charge/blockfouls

    These rules make this entire tourney a joke, how do ya cap a game like this....?

    Illinois has been playing very flat basketball the last 4 games and even teams like Longwood (who stopped the clock at 2-2 score and took a picture of it) saw the HUGE TARGET on Illinois back (he number one ranking) an played like giant killers.

    Cinnci plays a solid defense ranked # 3 nationally in FG % Defense and allowing only .352% from 3 point land.

    Cinnci is 6- 1- 1 ATS last 8 games
    Illinois 6-1--1- ATS last 8 games

    Turn Overs and Steals will be Illinois Strong Point in this game, Cinnci very sloppy with the ball as of late and Illinois quick Defense will force a bunch of turnovers and steals.

    Cinnci is 10-0 but really have not played anybody yet, the softest 17th ranked team I have ever seen.

    Valpo, N Iowa, Purdue, Dayton, Vandy, Detroit, NW State, Jackson St, Lasalle, Miami Ohio.... All wins for the bearcats...

    The last thing the bearcats want to see is a 3 quick guard offense, Dee Brown the one man fast break will be to much for Cinnci, adding williams and Head will solidy the victory.

    Cinnci plays solid defense, their guards are tall and agile, but a step slower than Illinois perimiter offense. The Bearcats are not tall inside perhaps 6-8 While Illinois will throw 6-10 Augustine, 7-2 Smith and 6-6 BattleShip Powell down low.

    Cinnci is a physical, rough and even sometimes dirty playing team, a team that could indimate you both on and off the floor. While Illinois is not afraid of any team any where.

    The last time these 2 teams played wa in front of 20,000 people in a NHL arena, On New Years Eve we will play this game in a High School Gym that seats less than 3,000 people.

    I find it hard to believe the book is even going to try and post a line for this game, but i am sure they will...

    My numbers say Illinois by 12...

    Good Luck to All


    Semper Fi

    Comments always welcome

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    The opens as Illinois a 5.5 chalk, Illinois will smoke this number

    Good Luck to all



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      I've been gone for a few weeks..busy working and was afraid you'd have Illinois beating my bearcats! I was looking forward to your insight though, that is for sure.

      I will say though that I have made $$ in the past years betting against my Bearcats because of their lines being inflated. This year I have played against them 3 times and lost ALL THREE! Does this mean that they will cover tonight? Dont know. I Can't bet this game..It'll be fun to listen to though as I will be working.
      We should win the turnover battle as well as the boards but we wont win the shot percentage, that's for sure. I can see Cincinnati losing by around 5 with 2 min left..then you know how it goes, anybody's cover at that point.


      Happy new year Carp and everyone else. Be safe!


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        Illinois paste the bearcats by 20 happy new years Illini my numbers were all over this game......

        Big 10 play up coming

        gl to all



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          Illinois is in a league all by them self. Great call Carpet. Hope you made a killing!



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            Nice! Tailed you on it again!

            Can't wait for the Big 10 race to get started!