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# 1 Illinois vs Ohio State (11-2) Mens NCAA Ball

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  • # 1 Illinois vs Ohio State (11-2) Mens NCAA Ball

    This one looks to be a pretty good matchup as the Big Ten Season opens for the # 1 ranked Fighting Illini.

    Coach Weber of the this Illini ball club wrote 14-0 on the chalkboard as the pre season goal entering Big Ten Play. What next coach ? 16-0, coach weber responded one game at a time.


    Illinois is 58-2 at home last four years and 70-3 over 5 years. In Big Ten play Illinois has won 35 of the last 37 games at home .946%. Thats why they call that home cookin.....

    Illinois is ranked 1 in the sagarin ratings, the 7 major programs that Illinois have played in non conference currently own a combined record of 69-16, four of these teams Gonzaga, Wake, Ark and Cinnci are ranked in the Sagarins top 20.


    Ohio State has a 11-2 record, 11 wins over a soft, soft schedule and 2 loses . They lost to Clemson and Creighton the only 2 real quality programs they played.

    This Ohio State team is no stranger to Illinois, returning 7 veterans from last years team that saw Illinois beating OSU at home by one 64-63....

    OSU loves to shoot the rock, they are setting new school records hitting 17 this year against Chattanooga and 15 in the next game. You can bet they will fire the rock against Illinois but i cant see OSU getting off that many attempts at all in the game against this Illini Defense.

    This Ohio State team is a solid ball club and I see it as a top 20 program by years end.

    Illinois is playing on all clyinders, a well oiled machine....The problem is Illinois plays only to the level of competition it is faced with...My point is, against solid programs, Illinois comes out gunning and running you off the floor. I dont see any hype about the game with OSU so my guess is OSU just may hang around in this one.

    My numbers show that Illinois should be a 16 point favor in this game as a line, but my real numbers show Illinois by 12....

    Comments and wisdom welcome..

    Semper Fi


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    Illinois opens as a early 15.5 chalk right in line with my early projection

    My gut says a back door cover by a team that fires at will from 3 point land

    One can't under estimate Senior Leadership which both squads have.

    Illinois plays to the level given at tip off, I think OSU will play them within 12.

    16 points is a boat load to give up in this one and I cant pull the trigger on Illinois...

    My pick is OSU and the 15.5 soon to be 16 or 17

    Good Luck to all


    Semper Fi


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      Illinois wins by 19

      A back door cover remained a possibility until the final seconds, OSU came out shooting the three hitting 63 % of those 1st half.

      Illinois trailed for much of the 1st half, only to go on a 12-2 run to end the half leading by 6.

      Illinois went away from it's 3 point reliance and pushed it inside to it's big man Augustine who had a career tying effort with 21 points.

      All in all the Illini wore them down and displayed a whole new level of dangerous offensive options (the inside game) to the world..

      OSU will be a top 20 team by years end, they have the talent and senior leadership.. This team is on my watch list and game list the rest of the year, a real money maker as I see it....

      Illinois is in a class all by themselves....

      Next up Purdue at Purdue Saturday, Keady knows coach weber well as weber spent 17 years under the old coach... Keady is a master chess player and he has crafted a fine strategy coming up for Illinois, the problem is he doesnt have the players to pull it off...

      Semper Fi