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# 1 ILLINOIS 29-0 looking to complete the run to 30

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  • # 1 ILLINOIS 29-0 looking to complete the run to 30

    Illinois opens a 7 point chalk vs OSU (Ohio State)

    This has been a very special season for the Illini and it wont end tommorrow

    A magical season looking to go 30-0 and undefeated regular season

    Ohio State is playing for pure pride, a much improved team since the 19 point beating they took at assembly hall

    OSU can not go to the DANCE due to a self imposed ruling on NCAA violations last year, they are playing fo pure pride ( a dangerous motivator)

    Illinois is playing also and looking to wipe the slate clean, a huge motivator...

    Illinois will come out flat early in the game, a early morning tip 11:00 am will effect llinois early

    I see Illinois to pound it inside. as OSU shoots the 3 from long range at will, hitting maybe 20% from long range

    Augustine and Powell will keep Dials in check, alot of fouls in this game as a brutal war will be played on national tv

    Illinois will wear this team down and without question win by 10

    Illinois by 10

    Good Luck to all


    Semper Fi

    This has been a very special season for me as a Illinois fan for the last million years, and a BW poster for 4 years now

    Thank you for having me and I just want to go out 30-0 saying look out in the NCAA DANCE


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    A Complete shock to my system this game has wrecked my entire day



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      Don't sweat it. I know you really wanted Illinois to go undefeated. However, all that matters is winning six games after next weekend.

      And, you cannot win them all, if so, this would not be any fun!

      Good luck and shake off today.