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  • Can anyone Tell ME....

    Can anyone tell me why a game goes against the publics pick. Example last night eveyone was on A&M and the got routed. Last year when the C. Bears played Arizoina on monday night the bears were favored by 21 and eveyone was all over tem and they won by 1 or 2 points. ?????????????????????

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    Its hard to pinpoint one specific reason as to why the public tends to always be on the wrong side of the coin. Example... everyone knows that if you were to flip a coin 1000x what the outcome would be...... 500 heads, 500 tails... That outcome could only happen if all things were held constant. Apply this concept to football.... Randomly pick 1000 games in a year without researching you should hit around 46% to 52% (just an example) over time.... Now assume that you let emotion play a factor in your picks. Its possible that you can add 10% either way to the percentage. So that being said certain factors such as espn, radio, and betting on your favorite team all play into the equation.For many its hard to grasp how a team can beat the top team in the league and the very next week lose to a last place team. Every team matches up diffrent regardless of stats. Its also worth noting that most gamblers are not successful.

    Ummm.... yeah had to much coffee this morning hope this might help...


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      thanks for the info