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# 3 USC vs # 8 The Ohio State

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  • # 3 USC vs # 8 The Ohio State

    The Buckeyes open a 7 point home dog as the
    mighty Trojans from USC comes calling.

    Of course the BUCKEYES looked bad vs Navy
    and this should be reason of concern in facing
    a much better team. There are some OSU fans
    that claim the buckeyes held back on the play book
    vs Navy so as not to show the cards to USC.
    Perhaps looking ahead to USC......................

    Well my friends thats Horse Hockey cause OSU
    did everything it could to avoid a season ending
    loss for them vs NAVY.

    If Navy can carve up the buckeyes secondary and
    torch the DB's. USC should be able to throw the ball
    at will.

    USC is just plain FASTER than OSU and should be
    able to run the ball right down the buckeyes throat
    for over 200 yards. Ohio State better get back to
    the 3-4 and end the 4-3 experiment on Defense
    or its over for them.

    The Line Backers that USC has are fast, maybe
    the fastest Ohio State will see all year.

    I am not buying a hostile crowd making any difference
    it didnt matter to Navy and never bothers Illinois
    at the Horshoe. The crowd does not touch the ball.

    Under Pete Carroll vs a Non Conf BCS team
    at any location is SOLID GOLD last 6 years

    USC is 10-1 ATS last 11 games vs Big Ten.......

    Ohio State 1-7 last 8 home games ATS.

    I got to lay with USC to dismantle Ohio State

    I see it pretty close first half 17-6 USC then
    the trojans pull away in second half with key
    turnovers leading to a blow out



    As a Side Bar

    There will be no write up for Illinois this week
    as they travel to play Illinois State a small school
    to roll up 50 points and feel good about football


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    I agree another rout!
    good luck


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      105,000 fans will pack the Horse Shoe
      for the visiting Trojans of SoCal

      And for about 800 dollars a ticket you may
      be able to get a seat.

      USC departs a day earlier than usual to adjust to
      the time zone difference. The Hotel the team is
      staying at is a closely guarded secret. But it cant be
      that hard to figure out cause Columbus is not a
      major city for hotel options for 80 people.............

      A Couple more thoughts on this game in random
      order from the floor of the Carpet..............

      This looks like the best Defensive Line and secondary
      that Coach Carroll has ever had at USC as a coach.

      USC has won 47 games in a row when they win
      the turnover battle. This is going to be a Key Stat
      to watch for this game. If OSU gets sloppy its over
      at that point in time.

      USC cheerleaders are the finest in College Football.

      There are some that say Pete Carroll of USC is
      over looking the buckeyes, and I dont see that being
      the case. USC knows this is a high profile team on
      National TV.

      Now if the shell shock Ohio State I could
      see USC sleep walking into Washington next week.



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        Ohio State Buckeyes Home Underdogs to USC By a Touchdown


        The USC Trojans head east this week to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in an intriguing college football matchup that seems to have all the elements and angles we look at when handicapping a game. There's everything from revenge to letdowns to coaching and everything in between. It's without a doubt, the marquee game of the week on the college football board this week. The Current betting line favors USC by 6.5 points, making the Buckeyes a home underdog. The over/under total on the game is 47. Shop for the Best Odds at several Sportsbooks!

        As hard as it might be for Big 10 and Buckeye fans to admit, Ohio State, in this era, will never be as good as USC. Nor will any Big 10 team. It's simply a different class of athlete across the board at USC than at most other schools with very few exceptions (Florida). USC has NFL caliber talent 2 and 3 deep at some positions. Ohio State does not. There's no better example of the Big 10's talent level than the two back to back BCS Title games that Ohio State lost, in 2006 and 2007. We're not here to bash Ohio State or the Big 10. We love Big 10 football. But as the saying goes, "it is what it is".

        Having said that, that doesn't mean Ohio State is necessarily a bad bet, in certain situations, against the likes of the Trojans. The better team doesn't always win in college football. College Football is unique as far as the situations that present themselves. Situations that can lift a good team over a better team. This may be one such spot for the Buckeyes this week. Let's take a look.

        Let's start with the "look ahead". It's a classic handicapping angle. A team is so excited about a game that's a week or two away that they overlook a current opponent and look mediocre. In that situation, we always get a little extra value in the line. The betting public assumes the team that looked mediocre last week, is just that, mediocre. When the team they are playing this week, looked like world beaters the previous week, that also adds to the public perception of the game.

        Make no mistake about it. Ohio State was looking ahead to USC last week when they took the field against Navy. You can be sure that Ohio State has been preparing for USC since spring practice. Heck, you can be sure that many coaches and players were looking ahead to USC since early last season when USC whipped Ohio State 35-3. That's where our next angle comes in, revenge.

        Revenge can be powerful in college football providing you have the right circumstances. If USC beats San Jose, and they play next year, well, there is likely not much San Jose can do about it. However, when two elite programs meet like Ohio State and USC, we have a different story. Athletes at any level want another crack at an opponent that defeated them, especially when the defeat was humiliating.

        If revenge isn't enough, how about a little added motivation. They don't play too many night games in Columbus. But in the games they do play at night, the Buckeyes have a 6-2 record, (although they have lost the last two). With the night game comes a National TV audience. The fans and the players are amped twice as much as they usually are. A chance for revenge against #3 ranked USC and a chance for the Buckeyes to take a leap up in the rankings. The adrenalin alone can keep things close.

        Ohio State is 39-4 at home since 2003. Tressel has been knocked for choking in big games, and rightly so, but he is also 24-1 against non conference opponents at home. The Buckeyes get to go against a Freshman Quarterback in Matt Barkley. Between the 105,000 rabid fans and that veteran Ohio State offensive line, expect the kid to at least struggle a bit. Also expect USC to try and pound the ball after having watched Navy run through the Buckeyes like Swiss Cheese last week.

        With all of the above in mind we can make several recommendations from a betting perspective on this game. As of this writing no sportsbooks have 1st half and 1st quarter lines posted, however, we'd recommend playing Ohio State in the 1st quarter and the 1st half. We'd also recommend playing the game to go under the total in the first half and we'll cap it off with a play on Ohio State +7 for the game. We see quite a few +6.5's on the board with a few 7's, even +7 -115 will do, but you definitely want to get the 7.


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          This game scares me. THIS IS NOT THE SAME USC TEAM WE ARE USED TO. Be very careful and good luck.


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            USC LOLOL Where is the talent Florida Rules

            What talent have they put NFL

            Pretty much all Bust One Hall of Famer I see

            Matt Leinart, QB
            Taitusi Lutui, G
            Sam Baker, OL
            Dwayne Jarrett, WR
            Ryan Kalil, C
            Keith Rivers, LB
            Carson Palmer, QB
            Frostee Rucker, DE
            Willie McGinest, LB
            Shaun Cody, DT
            Ryan Powdrell, FB
            Fred Davis, TE
            Drew Radovich, OL
            John David Booty
            Kenechi Udeze, D
            Matt Cassel, QB
            Reggie Bush, RB
            Billy Miller, TE
            Sedrick Ellis, DL
            Steve Smith, WR
            Sammy Knight, S
            Terrell Thomas, CB
            Oakland Raiders
            Justin Fargas, RB
            Winston Justice, T
            Mike Patterson, DT
            Troy Polamalu, S
            Keary Colbert, WR
            Lawrence Jackson, DE
            Lofa Tatupu, MLB
            David Kirtman, FB
            Chilo Rachal, OL
            LenDale White, RB
            Chauncey Washington, RB
            Thomas Williams, LB



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              OHIO ST. wins no points necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                That was so easy it was scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  GREAT CALL BW

                  What a kick in the nuts not to win that game
                  out right you OSU backers

                  The Buckeyes played defense as good as any
                  team out there and USC just had one last punch
                  left in the tank

                  What a great game

                  For the Ohio State fans that lost straight up
                  that was a kick in the balls late



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                    sorry for big ten fans

                    Ohio st. out played them and should have won straight up!!! If I'm being honest, usc won, but they have as much chance as winning the national championship as I do the lottery!!! Can somebody step to the plate and challenge the sec!!!!!! This is getting to easy and boring. But thanx usc for winning me a pile of money tonight!!!!!!


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                      Tough loss for OSU, but nice game for me with the points on OSU, not much to worry about. OSU defense played great all night but couldn't step up when it mattered most.


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                        totally agree KB


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                          why is it that your write ups are well written and gramatically correct and yet anything that's not a game write up looks like it came from a 1st grader??


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