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    2009.10.26 results:

    New York Islanders @ Montreal Canadiens: Montreal Canadiens PL -1.5 +165 (2.65) The Greek (3-2: LOSS)

    2009.10.24 finished with a 0-1 and -1 unit lost/1 unit risked.
    NHL 2009-2010 season record: 16-28 (-6.17 units lost/44 units risked)


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      Going against the grain

      Philly/Washington Under 6 +105
      Last game was an intense thriller 6-5 in OT, now they won't even score 5 gaols together

      Col@ Edmonton-129

      first game after playing rival Wings and first game of road trip both equal doom for the Avs, Oilers a hot 5-1 at home, get focused after being blanked.
      good luck


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        I like Edmonton and Washington tonight.

        Actually hit my parlay last night!


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          Colorado Avalanche @ Edmonton Oilers

          Today we will have a match between two different teams, but with one common problem. There are a lot of injuries in both sides. Colorado will start with Anderson, so far the best goaltender in NHL. We can expect him to slow down with his performance, however, I don't expect it today. Colorado can be described as a road team. They are 4-1 in regular time and 0-2 on SO. If we check, they won at regular time in Boston, Detroit, and so on. Even at home, they are 4-0 in 4 games. So, what can we say about this team? One of the best so far. And why? Because all the players in the roster are making their part. And this will be a key today, where they have few men down, as Edmonton.

          Khabibulin will be Edmonton's goalie. I like him, however I think that he still have to get more game time with the Oilers jersey to get his best game. They are good at home with 5-1 and that's why they are favourite. Yet their victories were against teams with some problems and they are terrible on the road.

          I see all the value on Colorado. A team that can cover any absent player as all the roster is playing well. A team that is playing pretty well at road too. A team with big advantage at defense. A team with confidence and secure of what they can do, like winning this game. Edmonton can play pretty well too at home, however they didn't proved nothing yet and the Oilers come from 3 away losses, where they played a poor hockey. So, we can't let this one pass.

          Pick: Colorado Avalanche ML +115 (2.15) Bookmaker


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            Originally posted by woodee12
            Actually hit my parlay last night!


            It seems that I'm going against the crowd tonight.


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              Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks

              Since they lost D. Sedin, the Canucks have changed the way they play, with 5 unders in a row. They are playing thoughtfully, lurking for an opportunity to score. With 3 wins in a row and knowing that they best game has been the defense, as they had decreased their offensive power, they will do what they can to face the desperate Red Wings. With Luongo returning for their best games and the will to win this one, they will be smart enough to make their best game, playing quietly and waiting for an opportunity.

              The Red Wings come from 3 straight losses. They are facing problems, as their game is based on offensive and they are not producing the expected. They are struggling on every game they play away from home and they need to bounce back from this bad moment. This team have very experienced players and I expect them to play with their intelligence. They can't go to this game as they did when they faced the Sabres and got a blowout loss. Osgood will start today and we can expect today a good performance, as the Canucks are not at their best on offense.

              So, I expect a very tactic game, and this two teams are getting more unders than overs lately, which is a trend I believe will continue tonight.

              Pick: Under 5.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker


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                St. Louis Blues @ Carolina Hurricanes

                We can trust in the Hurricanes playing at home where they've got their two wins this season. They lost two other games, one against the Flyers in a hot streak, the other one against the title holders. After a bad display on the road with a 0-4 loss and 6 straight losses, it is up to Carolina to take this game to change the course of things, thanks to their perseverance.

                The Hurricanes will face today a team that as surpassed all expectations on the last season and this year we are a little bit unable were to put it or label it against their competition, because they have been hard to read. They seem to be determined to fight for the playoffs, however, after two big games in Sweden, they have a 2-5 losing record, having still something to prove.

                I expect a confident team that can get the win, that needs to win this game and I think they can deal with this pressure. On the other hand, there is a team that is not reliable, still trying to find out their identity.

                Pick: Carolina Hurricanes 3Way (1X2) +115 (2.15) Bookmaker; CAR 3Way (1X2) +135 (2.35) NordicBet, Expekt, Betsson


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                  Phoenix Coyotes @ Columbus Blue Jackets

                  Columbus has been brilliant at home, with a 3-0 winning record. They base their game on defense, a very tight game, which makes them a very hard team to play against. In Phoenix, they were able to deliver the Coyotes their first home loss, by 2-0. Today, they host the Coyotes and the home crowd will be a nice edge for the Blue Jackets.

                  Phoenix was pointed as one of the weakest teams in the league, yet they have been able to surprise this early season, having won on the road against the current champions. Eventually then came the losses, and also some victories in between, but those were mostly in OT, and they are now in a 0-2 losing streak.

                  I expekt the Blue Jackets at their normal behavior, taking over and controling the game, against one the weakest teams in the NHL, that after a nice start, are lowering their performance level and showing what was expected for this year.

                  Pick: Columbus Blue Jackets 3Way (1X2) +110 (2.10) Bookmaker


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                    2009.10.27 results:

                    Colorado Avalanche @ Edmonton Oilers: Colorado Avalanche ML +115 (2.15) Bookmaker (0-3: WIN)
                    Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks: Under 5.5 -110 (1.91) Bookmaker (4-5: LOSS)

                    2009.10.27 finished with a 1-1 and +0,15 unit2 won/2 units risked.
                    NHL 2009-2010 season record: 17-29 (-6.02 units lost/46 units risked)


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                      Colorado Avalanche @ Calgary Flames

                      Tonight we will pick a side just because of the odds value. The disregard from the bookies about Colorado performance, is like saying that there is a lot of value on them. I know that some day they have to stop to crush bookie's wallets. They keep considering the Avalanche as dogs, but they just keep giving money to those that believed in them. So, we can't stop now. Tonight we will go with Colorado as big dogs, we have to take the benefits of their "momentum" as long as we can.

                      About the game, it will be a hard game, Calgary is playing well, with many players impressing on the offense. So far, they lost at home only to Dallas. So, if they can lose with a team that hasn't found yet their game, why not take this shot? Colorado is a cohesive tea, and now combine a good defense with good offense.

                      Pick: Colorado Avalanche ML +165 (2.65) Bookmaker


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                        Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks

                        San Jose will play at home after 6 road games. They we're not bad at all and I think that it was a positive road trip. They are starting to "acquire their engine" and today, returning to play at home, I think the Kings will suffer because of it. They have a team better than last year, Heatley can make the difference easily.

                        LA Kings is playing quite well. However, I can see a spot here: Kings lost on the road against strong opponents. Sharks won most of their games by 2 or more goals. Despite the moment of the Kings, i think the Sharks will not miss this opportunity to show their supporters that they are a contenders to Stanley Cup, despite this early part of the season.

                        Pick: San Jose Sharks PL -1.5 +170 (2.70) Bookmaker


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                          2009.10.28 results:

                          St. Louis Blues @ Carolina Hurricanes: Carolina Hurricanes 3Way (1X2) +115 (2.15) Bookmaker (2-5: LOSS)
                          Phoenix Coyotes @ Columbus Blue Jackets: Columbus Blue Jackets 3Way (1X2) +110 (2.10) Bookmaker (1-4: LOSS)
                          Colorado Avalanche @ Calgary Flames: Colorado Avalanche ML +165 (2.65) Bookmaker (2-3: WIN)
                          Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks: San Jose Sharks PL -1.5 +170 (2.70) Bookmaker (2-1: LOSS)

                          2009.10.28 finished with a 1-3 and -1,35 units won/4 units risked.
                          NHL 2009-2010 season record: 18-32 (-7,37 units lost/50 units risked)


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                            Ottawa Senators @ Tampa Bay Lightning

                            Tampa will host today the team that gave them the worst loss, 7-1. So, this game will have a "revenge" factor. Tampa Bay lost at Ottawa and now they host them, so this game will be different for sure. Tampa Bay is a "special team". They can be weak, but they can do pretty things at home, as we saw a few days ago when they won 5-2 against the Sharks.

                            The Senators are playing well making so far a good season. The only losses they have this season, in Regulation Time, were against the Rangers and the Penguins. If Senators plays against a team on the road with the level of Tampa team, I would go with Senators without doubt.

                            However, this Tampa Bay is a special team at home. They have talented players, but the team doesn't show their maximum potential on the road, they usually only show their talent at home. Therefore I see an opportunity here, Tampa Bay wants revenge for sure, and if they are in that mode at home... they can blowout anyone.

                            Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning ML -110 (1.91) 5Dimes


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                              Washington Capitals @ Atlanta Thrashers

                              A week ago, Atlanta wasn't able to stop Washington. Now, they will face them again. The difference for this game, is just one. Kovalchuk. The Trashers star suffered an injury and will miss action for a few weeks. He was the key in this last match up, scoring 2 goals. Now, we will be out, increasing the gap between these two teams.

                              The Capitals faced some problems, losing 4 in a row, but now they are with 5 straight wins. They've got confidence, and Semin helped to make the difference. Today, they know they can crush Atlanta, a team they beat only by one goal. With the knowlegde about Kovalchuk miss, they will not tolerate a non-winning game.

                              The Trashers have done a good season so far for them. They are with 0-2 losing record on their last 2 home games, however, it were against the Capitals and the Sharks. They fight every game and try to keep the games close, seeking their opportunities.

                              The key for this match, will be the injury of Kovalchuk. He was and still is the best player of the Trashers, the one that can help a lot his team to keep games close. With his absence, I think that Atlanta will struggle a lot in next few games, specially against a team with so much offensive power as the Capitals.

                              Pick: Washington Capitals PL -1.5 +170 (2.70) Bookmaker


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                                Phoenix Coyotes @ St. Louis Blues

                                This a B2B game for both teams. St. Louis won easily yesterday at Carolina by 5-2 and they return home today. The Blues have already faced Phoenix on the road and they lost 3-2 on OT. When they won, they do it with a great lead and I think that they want to snap this L-W-L-W record on their last games and Phoenix is the right team for the Blues to score another win.

                                On the other hand, the Coyotes will end today their road trip and yesterday they only won in the end of the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, with two goals in power play, and that was a tiring game. Like I stated yesterday, this Phoenix team despite having a nice start, they aren't a top team and I expect a flat spot for them on this game, their third straight on the road and I remember that of their last 5 wins, 3 were on OT/SO and I expect that yesterday game will take a toll on them.

                                Pick: St. Louis Blues 3Way (1X2) +120 (2.20) Bookmaker