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# 24 Illinois vs Northern Illinois Mens NCAA Basketball

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  • # 24 Illinois vs Northern Illinois Mens NCAA Basketball

    Illinois opens a 24 point chalk at home vs
    the Northern Illinois Huskies.

    The Huskies come into this game with out
    thier best guard Silas who fractured his hand last
    game vs Northwestern.

    The Huskies lost to NW last game 77-55
    (NW was without Coble).

    In 42% of the games for the Huskies Darin Anderson
    led this team in scoring, look for Illinois to put
    D J Richardson on him and place this kid into
    a non scoring Vice.

    The Huskies love to play alot of man to man
    and will mix it up with a occasional 1-2-2 full court
    press. NIU loves to hack at the ball and this will
    put Illinois to the Line alot. The 3 point shooting of
    NIU is horrible and it wont get any better vs Illinois.

    Illinois is averaging 96 pts a game led by the
    super talented freshman class of D J Richardson
    Brandon Paul and Tyler Griffy.

    Complimented with solid Junior Leadership with
    a 7 ft venter Mike Tisdale, Athletic freak Mike Davis
    and Mcamey at Guard. Illinois is 9 deep as a team
    with Alex Lejion trying to earn a starting spot.

    Illinois should win by 30


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    I just watched a replay of Illinois last game and
    here is what jumps off the Carpet.

    This team is loaded with talent, the ball movement
    reminds of the 2004-2005 Illini.
    (Its only been 2 games but one can sure see it)

    They are fast and push the ball up the court
    almost 100 percent of the time.

    What is lacking is Defense, and this has got to be
    causing Weber some deep thoughts. Defense has always
    been a Coach Weber staple and I am sure the D
    will come around.

    Just wait until you see this team play my friends
    they are gonna be fun to watch, school yard ball
    at it's best.

    Can they compete vs the likes of Michigan State
    only time will tell, Illinois has Clemson in the
    ACC - BIG 10 challenge and should be ready by then.



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      The Line is down to 21


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        I may give them a shot tonight.

        Hopefully NIU doesn't pull a Miami-Oh (another MAC team), and hang close like they did with UK last night!


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          NIu's top scorer/player Silas is out with a broken hand too.

          They will be hard pressed to find the scoring providing Illinois plays some D.