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ALABAMA vs Penn State Sept 11,2010 Prediction - Preview

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  • ALABAMA vs Penn State Sept 11,2010 Prediction - Preview

    This should be a good game to watch. It will be interesting to see how this physical team of Penn State plays with the speed of Bama.


    Flip a coin on your starting QB for the Lions, gone is Daryl Clark. Joe Paterno has 2 QB's both frosh trying for the spot. Lets see how the young QB reacts to 100,000 screaming rabid Bama fans on a Saturday night.

    The running game is SOLID with Royster carrying the rock, He needs just 480 yards to become the all time leading rusher in PSU history, Breaking Curt Warners record of
    3,398 rushing yards.

    You can bet that PSU is going to stick with the ground game vs BAMA, they are not going to throw the ball deep the entire game. Look for BAMA to stack the line containing the run something they are very good at. As good as the Lions are running ball Bama is equally good at stopping it.


    PSU Graduated 3 Linebackers all who have found a roster spot in the NFL. Linbacker U
    is not nearly as deep as last year. Sophmore Mauti brings potential greatness to this position if he can come back healthy this year coming off an injury last year. A Super Star in the making.

    The secondary is also in question and I just dont see the corners of PSU being able to cover a flash of light as it streaks by you for a 70 yard pass play.


    This is the one spot that just kills this team is its lack of special teams play. Last year PSU ranked 100th in Special Teams. Coach Paterno said it was the worst special teams we have ever had. I see no improvement in this area.


    WHILE Penn State is a Caliber Big 10 school that will do well in its conf play this year, they have picked a bad time to put this game on the schedule with Bama.

    Only the second game of the year and you schedule a number one team that plays totally opposite of you. Penn State will be its best at the end of the year.

    The speed of Bama on Offense and the flat out play calling that PSU may only see in a bowl game will catch the Lions flat footed. PSU must play a control slow down game and run the ball to win. This will fail because Bama is good at stopping the run. In Fact if memory serve me right last year Bama last year gave up only 78 yards to one top running back in a game.

    Lets factor in Royster getting his 80 yards on 25 touches. Now what........?

    I just dont see Penn State keeping this within 14 points


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    Man I hope you're right on that one... Can't wait to get started!!!