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# 22 ILLINOIS hosting # 16 Michigan State

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  • # 22 ILLINOIS hosting # 16 Michigan State

    Illinois coming off 2 loses last week come home to play the lackluster Michigan State Spartans.

    This Illini team is smarting over losing two straight and now face the possibility of a potential 4 game slide. Should Illinois lose to State then Ohio State is next up on the schedule Saturday at 11 am (Corn time). (Illinois will beat OSU you heard it here first).

    On to the Game

    Illinois plays much better at home as a team it shows in the numbers on both Offense and Defense. When I looked at comparing these two teams I considered both home and road stats. Here is what I see.....

    Illinois has the edge in PPG, FG%, FT%, Turnovers and Bench.

    State has the edge and it is ever so slight in Defense and Rebounding.

    The Spartans when you look at the numbers on the road they are not very impressive this year.

    Illinois is at home it is a MUST WIN GAME, This is not a homer call, But I can see Illinois covering 4, the line is exact with my numbers hopefully it will come down to 3

    Illinois 71- The Spartans-66

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    Both these teams suck in my opinion....Ohio State and Purdue are the only real teams in the Big 10 who can make some noise come tourney time.


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      ILLINOIS wins at home 72-61 over Michigan State and covering Carpets call. Never under estimate the power of a must win game for a home team.

      Illinois is a better team at home as evidenced by shooting 53% from the floor and 47% from beyond the arc vs a good defensive squad of State.

      The Defense of Illinois was Solid holding State to just 26% from beyond the arc and 39% from the floor with over 61 shot attempts.

      A PERFECT STORM is brewing, If Ohio State can remain unbeaten this week they will come calling on Illinois as the # 1 team in the nation and that makes it the perfect storm. Ohio State must beat Iowa first and they may just be looking ahead to Illinois in this Iowa Game.

      In 2004-2005 Ohio State snapped Illinois unbeaten streak on a last second 3 point shot by one point, the Illini would love nothing more than return the favor.

      Good Luck all



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        OSU is theoretically very good, but they have hardly been dominating in the Big Ten. There only strong victory was against IU.
        3 pts over PSU (home)
        4 pts over Michigan (road)
        3 pts over Minny (home)
        5 pts over Iowa (road)


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          Originally posted by woodee12 View Post
          Both these teams suck in my opinion....Ohio State and Purdue are the only real teams in the Big 10 who can make some noise come tourney time.
          Lets watch Ohio State and Purdue on the road (Purdue lost 2 in a row on the road)

          I think you are gonna be shocked how many Big 10 teams make a impact on the tourney woodee, and I must respectfully disagree with that Michigan State and Illinois sucks.


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            That was an impressive win so i will say that they looked better than they have...

            I will take it back but say Michigan State Sucks still.

            They do not have any scoring.

            Illinois is ok, but do have the potential to be a above average team.

            Its is true that road games are tought, but going against a Kansas or a Syracuse, or Duke, the big 10 will get smoked.