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    South Carolina (I know I had them second behind Florida early.. Schedule and team just too good.
    Florida ( just my opinion, these gators will be awesome on the D line and only put them second because of the loss of Janorious Jackson to suspension)
    Georgia ( my sec sleeper team.. The schedule favors them and I personally think that they will be better and a very slight chance to win the East)
    Tennessee ( Much better than last year but not nowhere near good enough to deal with the schedule they have)
    Vandy (This will be the Vandy of old.. They stink, but are good enough to pull of the major upset..


    Arkansas. ( I say they go to Bama in Sept and win and play for the sec title game in Baton Rouge the last game of the season and get it done!!)
    LSU (going to be great but not good enough.. THE HOGS WILL BEAT THEM!!
    Alabama ( they will lose to the two above I absolutely believe this..)
    Miss st. (Again probably from top to bottom the most talent in the sec.. Schedule is brutal though!!) My dark horse in the west!!
    Auburn (the worst by far Sec schedule I have ever witnessed.. I mean ugly)
    Ole Miss ( Hey, they could get fifth with Auburns schedule.. TOO HARD TO SAY)

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    Sorry for the " computer glitch..


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      Wow I'm scared to say this, because I know how much you know about
      these teams, but I could see South Carolina end up at 4-8 for the season.
      I've just started to look at each conference and maybe I'll wind up with
      the SEC in about two weeks, so keep the predictions coming and let's burn
      this thread with ideas. Thanks RR.


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        Wow, 4-8 THE OLD MAN (Spurrier) would fall over dead to hear that. Well that is one hell of a prediction and if they do then I really blew this pick. lol. I don't believe that they go undefeated by any stretch nor do I think any Sec team will this year. I don't think the schedule is to tough with the talent this team has coming back. Trouble spots I see are at Miss st., at Tenn, at Arkansas, and Georgia -Florida at home. The one early will be at the Bulldogs, I clearly could see how they could lose that one. I know Navy will give them a fit but I don't think they beat them. This is the sec though and most all can beat you on a given Saturday.
        In the end too much talent and besides Arkansas and Georgia the tough ones are at Columbia. This is all depending on Garcia staying out of Spurrier's dog house which he has been prone to be in. Alshon Jeffrey, Lattimore just too much for most of these teams. Also, Shaq Wison the leading tackler from two years ago will be back and healthy. I say 9-3 or 8-4 worst case scenario.. Hey, I respect your knowledge and will go back and look at them again.. Take care Krichinsky !!


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          Krichinsky, here is how I see it stack up:

          SEC EAST

          SOUTH CAROLINA 9-3
          FLORIDA 9-3
          GEORGIA 8-4
          TENNESSEE 7-5
          VANDY 4-8
          KENTUCKY 4-8

          SEC WEST

          ARKANSAS 10-2
          LSU 9-3
          BAMA 9-3
          MISS ST 8-4
          AUBURN 6-6
          OLE MISS 6-6

          Of course all this is just an early prediction and injuries to key players at key positions could change things.. Notice no sec teams undefeated.. Just don't think it will happen this year..


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            wow....Knile Davis out for the year for the Razorbacks.


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              Omg, I am slipping.. I didn't know this.. THis would certainly change things somewhat.. Goes back to my post if key players are lost... things change.. Thanks Dragon for the update!!!!


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                I would love to say that this doesn't matter, but it most certainly does.. He was a force last year.. He is the Trent Richardson getting hurt for Bama... This may very well change things lots....


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                  Well, this may change things in the sec west.. Now I don't think there is a chance that Arkansas goes to Tuscaloosa and beats that defense without him.. This is why I will never pick my Sec picks early.. THINGS CHANGE... This is a fact...So.. ROLL TIDE!! HONESTLY, if we lost a major player other than Richardson, we are still way better than most college teams out there...THIS IS A FACT...ARKANSAS NOT SO MUCH!!!! This was a big loss for the Hogs.. Yet they will still be great..


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                    Still sorry Krichinsky.. NO WAY SC goes 4-8.. As a matter of fact the old man has his swagger back and fully expects them to rule the sec.. I for one believe him...He talked way too much smack at the SEC Media days and from all accounts this is the fastest Carolina team ever.... I do my homework.. THIS IS TRUE!!!


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                      Thinking about this whole Knile Davis thing has got me messed up.. How do you go to TTown with a second string back, new qb and win.. I do however think they have the best by far receiving core perhaps in the nation. Now I will have to rethink the sec west all together... I also think Arkansas will have a great defense this year.. Yes Arkansas... So more to come later!!


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                        I now honestly believe the sec west is totally up for grabs between Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, and Miss st. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, so much so I no longer would be willing to say who is the clear favorite!! LSU is a mess, Davis hurt and out at Arkansas. Makes Bama's case stronger now for sure.. This should be one hell of a season in the sec west..Obviously I am pulling for Bama and if AJ or Simms proves to be better than I thought Bama will win it. Still not convinced of this however and some other things that bother me about the Tide.. Should be a great season!!